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Welcome back! It’s that time again – time for another update of the Coopers. In my humble opinion it’s a pretty good one. I hope you enjoy!

Last time: Stacey got closer to being a Friend of the World, a bunch of strangers visited for no reason, and CLAIRE AND CHRISTINA BECAME TEENAGERS!!

The Coopers 2.4

Claire (left); Christina (right)

Some CAS pictures of the older girls. They’ve both got these humungous lips seemingly out of nowhere? And they’re both gorgeous.

Melvin holds a bag of rubbish

Unfortunately, the lot seems to be getting buggier and buggier. I’m now having issues with Sims (mostly Melvin) either doing a time-limited action forever OR not doing actions at all until I pause and hit play again. Why?!

Claire, standing across the street

In case you hadn’t noticed, I think Claire is going to be the generation two heir.

Rachel playing piano

Rachel just literally played the piano for the entire afternoon and evening. I appreciate that she’s dedicated to her craft but she seems to prefer this thing to actual human contact.

Tabitha Duff knocks on the front door

Tabitha Duff drops in for a visit!

Christina and Tabitha play chess and have an “offensive conversation”

Ummm Christina. What happened here?

Melvin and Christina eat, Claire laughs, and Tabitha transitions to elder!

omg, Tabitha just became an elder!!

possible interaction as Claire with Tabitha: Ask about Being Old

I let her do it.

Christina stares at Claire like she’s crazy while Tabitha lectures her about underpants

Christina: omg Claire, how could you?
Tabitha: BLAH BLAH BOXER SHORTS *minus minus*

Stacey walks along in a zip-up hoodie, 3/4 pants and boots

Uh… Stacey really isn’t looking her best these days.

Claire checks her phone in the bathroom

So there was no actual action in Claire’s queue associated with this…

Christina was being bullied, but she fights back

Good onya, Christina!

Melvin impresses his investors with some waffle

Ah, the joys of idiot investors.

Stacey stands somewhere on the street with a weird expression on her face

I don’t think Stacey is enjoying her new jogging routine.

Stacey holds a frying pan which is on fire

I see that “Mission: Cook Breakfast” is going well.

Stacey has a Confident moodlet: Competent Cook

Oh, false alarm guys, this is exactly how competent cooks do things.

Melvin jogs, looking tired

Look on the bright side, Melvin! You love the outdoors!

Melvin reads while standing next to the canal

Melvin: But why jog when I can read computing textbooks in the outdoors?! :D

Stacey jogs in athletic gear and glasses

For some reason Stacey now wears glasses to go jogging? ???

Izabella Britton and Cassandra Goth arrive at the Cooper residence

Stacey invites some people over to try and get MOAR FRIENDS!

I should really get going now. Thanks for hanging out with me. See you later.

Unfortunately Angela Stiles showed up and then like… immediately said this. Whatever, we don’t need you anyway!

Izabella talks about a sword in a rock; Stacey looks frustrated

So uh… Izabella really likes the legend of Arthur!

Izabella’s traits: Slob, Mean; her job: Secret Agent

Damn. Doesn’t she sound like a peach?

Cassandra dances and talks

Meanwhile upstairs, Cassandra Goth is talking to herself.

Claire feels Flirty, and has a whim to Schedule a Date


Claire, outside, glares off-camera

She sure doesn’t like the look of the people she saw on her jog, though.

Based on Melvin’s career, he was given a startup bonus of §565 by an investor!

He made an app. Rakin’ in the big bucks

Stacey’s aspiration progress: has a BFF; has 18/20 friends; has 7/10 Charisma skill points

I had her spend literally all day practising speeches, and she gained one Charisma point from here (so she’s now on 8). At least her aspiration is getting closer to achieved.

Stacey looks sheepish after throwing a bowl of salad everywhere

Where is the “how not to throw dinner all over the fucking kitchen while preparing it” skill?

Claire smiles awkwardly as Zoe eats a bowl of salad

Claire grabbed a bowl of salad for herself, but Zoe then just swooped in and stole it?

Zoe walks away from the salad

Then after Claire gave up and went to get another meal, Zoe just walked away?? WHY

Melvin loses job performance for lying to investors

Melvin has been struggling to get promoted probably due to racism so he faced this chance card again. This time the investors didn’t appreciate the lies.

Christina tells Melvin about the sun while holding her homework book the wrong way

Ingenious. Christina has found a way to do her homework while holding the book the wrong way round.

Stacey has been promoted to Rising Star!

An additional §57? So she reaches the top of her career track soon, right?

Rachel has an Uncomfortable moodlet: Scared of Monster

Excuse me?! Curse you, malfunctioning nightlight!

Rachel climbs out of bed

Zoe wakes Claire up as Rachel looks on

Zoe: Could you please, like, wake up? There’s totally a monster under the bed.

Some may say it’s payback…

Claire in her pyjamas

Just a reminder that Claire is seriously cute.

She also sprayed the beds against the monsters and everyone went back to bed and got some fucking sleep. Hooray!

Cassandra Goth invites Stacey to her birthday party

The next day. Sure, why not.

Stacey greets Cassandra outside

Stacey: Hey, I made it! Are you happy?

action in Stacey’s queue: Be Insulted by Cassandra

I guess not.

Stacey talks to Angela Stiles and Alexander Goth inside

Soooo Stacey goes inside to talk to some of the other guests.

a ghost arrives at the Goth residence

This ghost was a guest too.

Stacey and the ghost chat

So in this game ghosts can like… talk to you?

Stacey and the ghost chat about death

Stacey: So uh. You’re dead?
Ghost: Yes, clearly, I am dead.

I was kind of expecting this interaction to be a bit more informative. At least it didn’t lead to *MINUS MINUS* everywhere.

a tram goes past

Daaaaaang, this fancy part of town has a TRAM? Why doesn’t Stacey’s cheapo neighbourhood have a tram?! Who do they think relies on trams? I mean strictly speaking I guess everyone who lives in an area with a tram but my point is that I think Willow Creek’s poorer residents deserve trams too

Offensive Conversation: Uh-oh, this conversation has taken a turn for the worst. Try apologising or walking away.

I wasn’t totally sure what happened here. I think either Angela or Alexander Goth was mean to the ghost.

Stacey talks about magic as a model boat floats in mid-air beside her

Thennnn the ghost does some magic tricks just to show off.

Cassandra ages up

Suddenly, and without a birthday cake, Cassandra becomes an adult!

Stacey is a bit preoccupied right now. Should she still go to work?

Yes, I sent her to work. I’m mean, I know.

Melvin has been promoted to Independent Consultant!

Melvin’s been promoted, hooray! I don’t know how you can get promoted to being an independent consultant, but hooray anyway!

Rachel hides under her doona

This is Rachel hiding in her bed due to the embarrassment of walking in to use the toilet while her sister was in the shower. How will she ever live this down?

It’s almost Zoe’s birthday!

omg omg! And Rachel’s too, I might add!

Aspiration Completed: Rachel has just achieved her childhood dream of becoming an artistic prodigy!

Woohoo! All those long nights playing the piano instead of socialising have finally paid off.

Christina shows her phone to Claire

This interaction was called something like “Show Funny Video”. It’s just like real life!

the Coopers and some friends in party clothes at Magnolia Blossom Park

It’s birthday time!

Melvin grills as some other sims sit at the picnic table

Melvin grills up a group meal of hot dogs. Funny how I can’t just buy cake on spec at the park but hot dogs are totally available…

Zoe and Rachel sit together, as Christina, Liberty Lee and Kason Lee sit at the table behind them

Unfortunately the birthday girls had to sit at this table all alone.

pie menu options for the cake

So before heading to the park this time, I had Stacey bake a cake and put it in her inventory. All good. But when I had her take the cake out again, there was no option to add birthday candles to it???

pie menu options for the cake, one minute later

Re-added it to her inventory and took it out again, and the options appear now >.<

Rachel blows out her candles as Melvin and some grey-haired rando cheer, Liberty Lee looks on, and Stacey walks away

Happy birthday Rachel!

Rachel, as a teen

She has the aspiration to be a Musical Genius and gained the trait Music Lover. And yes, she aged up into Stacey’s exact hairdo.

Stacey grimaces at the sight of Rachel

I know Stace, I’m not thrilled either…

Zoe blows out her candles as Stacey grimaces, Melvin and Liberty chat, and Amira stands up looking confused

Next, it’s Zoe’s turn!

Zoe as a teen

It’s the teenage Zoe! Just like her mum, she got the Friend of the World aspiration, but unlike her mum she got the trait Neat.

Rachel wags her hips, Liberty Lee tells her off, and Stacey grimaces

Rachel picking a fight with Liberty Lee… sigh.

Latasha Henry (elderly) looks at the sky worriedly

My game yanked my focus over here. Oh no, it’s one of Stacey’s eighteen friends, and scary music is playing!

Latasha falls to ground in foreground; in background, the Grim Reaper approaches

Dun… dun… dun…

the Coopers and guests run to Latasha’s body as the Grim Reaper draws closer

Literally the entire party rushed to the scene.

Stacey sobs; Cassandra Goth and a townie look sad; a kid looks vaguely irritated

Seeing as Stacey was actually friends with this person, she took the death harder than anyone. That little kid to the left looks more annoyed than anything else. Who even are you, kid?

Claire looks HORRIFIED; Melvin and Christina look sad; Rachel smiles (mostly obscured)

omg Claire. and meanwhile in the background there, you can’t really tell but Rachel was SMILING. smh

a townie gets old

And in the middle of the whole drama, this townie got old. How uplifting for her to get a first-hand, close-up view of what lies in her future.

Stacey waves at the Grim Reaper

After her friend’s soul got reaped, she decided to chat to the Grim Reaper. They had a really nice chat and even played some chess, not that Stacey felt ANY better about what she’d seen happen at the end of it.

Birthday Party Complete! Silver medal earned!

Thankfully, that random public death didn’t ruin the party or anything. Silver medal for me!

random teen thinks about heartbreak; Stacey looks sad; Rachel grins broadly

I get that this teen is sad that he just saw someone die, but heartbroken, really?

a tombstone is located under a tree

I didn’t really know what to do with this tombstone so I just put it under a tree.

RIP, Stacey’s friend Latasha! Thank you for still counting as a friend of hers, even though you are dead.

And that’s all for now, folks! Come back next time for like… more birthdays. Until then!

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