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Welcome back! That’s right, it’s time again for another update to the Coopers.

Last time: Claire got married to Julian Duff. Christina moved out and married her own beau, Amir Britton. Both girls got pregnant. Zoe and Rachel became young adults, and Stacey joined her husband in old age. Christina gave birth to TRIPLETS (off-camera) and Claire had just gone into labour when we left off!

The Coopers 3.1

Claire eats her grilled cheese, looking uncomfortable

Labour: the perfect time for some comfort food.

Achievement: Code Monk

Melvin chimes in with a well-timed maxing out of his Programming Skill.

Julian panics

Pre-parental freakout?

Julian smiles

Julian: Nah, it’s all good now ^_^

Claire stands over the bassinet

Finally, it’s time for Claire to deliver the baby!

Claire hold her new baby

He’s a boy named Troy. Our naming theme this time? That excellent show Community.

Julian feeds a bottle to Troy, while smiling

Julian leaps to involve himself in the typical parental duties…

Claire works out with the punching bag

…while Claire beats the crap out of this punching bag.

Claire wears a red cap, sunglasses, and a red jumper with big black stars all over it

Hmm, interesting choice of outfit, Claire. Why am I reminded of Minnie Mouse?

my Played Households screen, featuring Zoe and Rachel in a ‘Duff’ household with Kelsi Duff

Since we’re moving properly into generation three now, and Kelsi’s mum is dead and her big bro is a Cooper spouse and she doesn’t know any of her half-siblings…, she, Zoe and Rachel are a household now.

exterior shot of the house Kelsi, Zoe and Rachel live in

So, here’s a shot of where they live. It’s Crick Cabana with a small extension to fit a third bedroom.

Julian and Claire jump into bed

These two tried for another baby!

Claire stars to tell Julian that she’s pregnant

Julian pulls a sad face

Like… I’ve seen this animation a few times now. Why does the father have to look miserable to hear the news of his partner’s pregnancy every time?

Stacey holds, and pulls a face at, her new grandson Troy

Stacey is a real doting grandma to the newborn Troy.

Stacey chases a passerby (an elderly woman) towards the canal

Stacey had a whim to meet a new Sim, so I tried to have her introduce herself to a passerby. Well, THIS PASSERBY LEGGED IT.

Stacey chases a passerby (an elderly woman) along the canal

Like, seriously. LEGGED IT. Down to the canal and in a loop through the community garden before she ran out of the neighbourhood. Does she think Stacey is the cops or something??

I should really get going now. Thanks for hanging out with me. See you later.

We got this pop-up before she fully disappeared though. Yeah, thanks, lady, it’s been real good hanging with you too…

Julian has been promoted to Blogger! Claire has been promoted to Minor Leaguer!

Promotions for our dynamic duo, aka. the generation two Sims.

Melvin comes inside, looking sad, with the ‘Dangerously Tired’ moodlet

Melvin had a whim to go for a jog. It did not agree with him. Poor Melvin.

Troy ages up into a child

24 extremely uneventful hours later, Troy became a child! I actually rolled traits this time and he got Neat. His childhood aspiration is Social Butterfly.

Troy as a child in CAS

So… here he is in CAS. He seems to look nearly identical to Julian.

Julian in CAS

Here’s Julian, for a point of comparison. The look doesn’t look so strange on the adult Julian so I hope he grows into it.

Stacey helps Troy with his homework

gettin’ tutored by grandma~

Stacey and Troy play chess

playin’ chess with grandma~

Claire tells Troy that she’s pregnant; Troy keeps chatting to Stacey

hearin’ that you’re gonna have a new sibling but bein’ more interested in chattin’ to grandma~

babies in Stacey’s relationships panel: Raylan, Rylan and Shantel

Christina autonomously named her kids RAYLAN, RYLAN AND SHANTEL??? I mean there’s nothing really wrong with Shantel but who has two boys and names them Raylan and Rylan?

Once the kids age up enough to appear in CAS I do plan to give them theme-appropriate names anyway though, to be fair…

What? I’m sleeping! Call later.

Tried to call Rachel for a friendly chat at 12:04am but we got this. Why don’t unplayed Sims ever respect it when my active household is sleeping??? grrr

Rachel Cooper would like to come over to hang out. Is that okay?


By this point my Sims were basically all in bed or close to it though, so too bad Rachel. Maybe next time answer the phone at 12:04am.

They liked what Stacey had to say. Stacey got a one time cash bonus and is closer than ever to being promoted!

I did not know that (highly charismatic?) Sims could just request a raise on the phone. Found the option while randomly clicking. Cool.

in the children’s bedroom, Troy sits on a bed and eats cereal while Stacey sits on the opposite bed and reads

Yep. These two are close.

Troy chats to Melvin over the dining table, but Melvin looks really sad

Troy had a whim to “Get to Know Melvin”, but Melvin seemed more devastated than anything else to have to chat to his grandson.

chance card involving Troy not being invited to a classmate’s birthday party

Considering that this is literally your first day of school and there was no prior opportunity for you to be invited to this party, I think you should chill, mate.

Stacey tells Claire about buried treasure

For some reason Stacey keeps rolling whims to prank Claire.

Claire has a whim to Gain 10 Online Followers

Hey, Claire shares the same whim that I have on tumblr dot com.

Claire waddles off to work, heavily pregnant in a soccer kit

Claire looks to be in a great state to play in the Willow Creek Soccer League. That team doctor is a wise guy.

Stacey has been promoted to Stand Up Star!

I think she’s finally one promotion away from reaching the top of this career path now. Come on Stace!

Claire stands over the bassinet, looking pained

It’s baby time!

Claire holds her new baby

It’s another boy! Since we already have a Troy, the obvious choice of name seemed to be… Abed!

Melvin tutors Troy, looking bored

You know, I keep trying to give Melvin opportunities to bond with his grandson, and he just doesn’t seem to be feeling it.

Julian has been promoted to Freelance Article Writer!

Yay Julian.

Shantel, Christina’s daughter, walks by

Holy shit, I did a double-take when I saw this girl walk past. It should not surprise you to learn that this is Christina’s daughter, currently named Shantel but shortly to be renamed.

Melvin tells Troy and a new friend about police cars

Troy met this girl on the footpath, but Melvin was determined to be the heart of this conversation with his grandson.

the girl tells Troy about cats

Girl (whose name btw is Meghan I think): I can’t wait until the Pets expansion comes out, I’m going to have the fluffiest white kitty!!
Troy: Yeah… don’t get your hopes up.

A true cynic, aged five.

Meghan sits at the dining table and smiles

She’s cute!

Meghan tries to shush the baby, looking panicked

She tried to befriend Baby Abed… it doesn’t look like it went that well.

Meghan: Please baby! Pipe down!

Melvin has a Happy moodlet: Pleasantly Satisfied

Melvin did WooHoo without becoming Dangerously Tired? :O

Claire and Julian jump into bed

Trying for another baby~

Claire tells Julian that she’s pregnant; Julian glares

Claire: Hey baby! It seems we’ve got another little one on the way!
Julian: *glares at her* why

Julian and Claire chat with Zoe sitting in the middle

Then Zoe decided to plonk herself down in the middle of the conversation, because that’s not awkward at all.

Oh wait, I lied. According to the game the conversation became an “Awkward Encounter” instantly.

Christina’s children in CAS, from left to right: Pierce, Shirley and Jeff

In case you were curious, here’s some pics of Christina’s kids with Amir Britton (from left to right): Pierce, Shirley and Jeff! They all take pretty heavily after Christina.

Stacey mixes some ingredients in a metal bowl

Stacey’s new aspiration is the one where you have to cook a lot. So here she is. Cooking.

Melvin has a whim to Kiss Melvin

what the

Claire talks to the baby Abed

She may be fussing over the baby now, but rest assured that that is not the usual state of affairs.

Claire punches a punching bag

For the most part Claire just does this. Autonomously. All day. Or at least all of the day that none of her needs are in yellow.

Stacey pulls a sadface while typing on her phone outside the community garden

Stacey is sad because she can no longer go jogging without becoming Dangerously Tired :(

Claire steps onto her treadmill

See what I mean? Autonomously, aaaaaaall daaaaaaay.

Abed as a child

It’s Abed as a child! Again I rolled for him, and he got the Whiz Kid aspiration and the Art Lover trait.

CAS picture of Abed

I’m 99% sure that he’s a clone of Troy. Who, in turn, seems to be a clone of their dad Julian. Ummmm.

Claire has an Embarrassed moodlet: Peed Self

For some reason when I next opened my game, it was two hours IN THE FUTURE from when I’d actually closed my game the previous time and three Sims were close to bladder failure. One didn’t make it, and there are no prizes for guessing correctly that it was the pregnant one.

Claire stands at the toilet, covered in urine, scrunching her face up in disgust

I’m not sure why she had that moodlet before actually pissing herself, though. Then again, I’m not sure why my save opened two hours IN THE FUTURE in the first place, so yeah. ???

two books are available for purchase that riff on A Song of Ice and Fire

ok how many parodies of A Song of Ice and Fire are necessary in one game, really?

a townie child storms past, thinking about bunk beds

How come this townie child is so angry about bunk beds when without CC they don’t even exist?

Abed tells Stacey about coffee

Abed expresses interest in sharing in his grandma’s FAVOURITE drink.

Julian helps Abed with homework as Troy eats

Julian helps Troy with his homework

being a good dad helping his kids with the homeworks~

Julian tells Troy about robots

Julian: You know, in my day I used to fight a lot of evil robots.
Troy: Yeah, sure thing dad.

Julian tells Troy about explosions

Julian: We’d have epic massive battles which I’d win and then walk away from like they always do in those action movies
Troy: very believable

Julian tells Troy about planes

Julian: Then I’d get flown home business class because people would just be so grateful I’d saved the day!
Troy: Right, especially since there are no planes in our world. Nice try, Dad.

Julian tells Abed about money

Julian: I made so much money! Tell him, Abed!
Abed: Yeah, uh, I’m like four years old or something and even I can tell this story is bullshit, Dad.
Julian: :O

Claire stands outside in a sports uniform

“Claire has been promoted to Rookie!” And doesn’t she look thrilled?

Liberty Lee appears as a ghost in Julian’s relationships panel

LIBERTY LEE DIED :O wtf man she was barely even an elder for any days at all!

It’s almost Stacey’s time. Make the most of these final days.

What is this bullshit?!

Stacey’s life bar is about three-quarters full

LOOK AT ALL THIS SPACE IN HER LIFE BAR!! It is NOT “almost Stacey’s time”!! She has to reach the top of the Comedian career track first! :'(

Stacey drinks a Potion of Youth as Troy reads on the bed next to her

cheeky Potion of Youth~

Troy and Zoe hug

Auntie Zoe pays a visit!

Troy complains about his parents to Zoe, who looks aghast; Rachel stands around

Troy: My parents neglect me! They *sniffle* don’t buy me any of the latest computer games… and *sob* my mum seems more interested in the punching bag than me…
Zoe: GOOD HEAVENS! My poor nephews!
Rachel: hi

Rachel tells Troy about heartbreak

Rachel: Trust me kid, life is full of heartbreaking disappointments. You could do worse.

Zoe and Rachel take a selfie, ignoring Troy


Troy tells Abed about divorce, as Abed balls his hands up into fists

Troy: *talking about divorce*
Abed: *so anxious his hands involuntarily ball up into fists*

Shut your windows and lock your backdoors, Melvin has released a virus into the wild! This sneaky piece of software has already netted him 466!

This happened in my game about 36 hours before that Wannacry ransomware wreaked havoc in a bunch of countries. Sorry guys that Melvin pwned all your computers. On the bright side, he only made §466.

Zoe and Rachel take a selfie, ignoring Troy

This skill was way easier to max than Motor. Not to put down Troy’s achievement but it’s just true. Talking to his aunts and brother all afternoon earnt him like four Social points.

Abed asks Julian to spray the monster under the bed

This interaction was “Ask to Spray the Monster Under the Bed”. Look kid, you don’t need your dad to spray the monster under the bed, because you have the magic nightlight that makes the monsters stay the fuck away. #problemsolved

Abed tells Melvin and Julian a joke about penguins

Hey, hey. Looks like Abed is one of those rare Sims capable of using the “Tell Joke About Penguins” interaction and telling a joke that’s actually about penguins. Good for you, kid.

Gone into Labor! Claire is bursting… with anticipation to meet her new bundle of joy!

What do you know!

Next update, the new baby’ll be introduced ;) Until then!


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