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Hello everyone! We’re back again for another instalment of the Coopers – hope you enjoy.

Last time: Claire and Julian had two boys, Troy and Abed, who both look exactly like Julian. Stacey was a doting grandma. Claire worked out all day every day and had some success as a heavily-pregnant soccer star.

The Coopers 3.2

Milestone Completed! Julian has completed Jack of Some Trades of the Renaissance Sim aspiration!

requirement for next level of Julian’s aspiration: Reach Level 3 in 2 Careers

You mean… he now has to quit his job and reach level 3 of a new one? smh

(also, I checked a guide and for the next level he’ll have to do that AGAIN! What’s the point! argh…)

What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral? Have a Sim stay in the Fine emotion for 48 straight Sim hours.

I’m not sure how I got this achievement, seeing as no one in this household is even in the Fine emotion. Maybe it’s counting the other Sims in my “Played” households that I don’t actually play?

Claire sits at a bowl of salad, looking sad; Stacey looks on at her in concern

Claire: owie :( get this thing out of me so I can go back to my salads and fitness regime

Claire holds her belly at a bassinet

At last, it’s delivery time!

Claire holds her new baby

It’s a baby girl… Britta!

Claire stands next to the bassinet, looking horrified

She pissed herself again.

Stacey holds the new baby

Stacey continues to be a doting grandmother, this time to Claire’s baby #3. (And grandchild #6, in total, except that Stacey doesn’t really know Christina’s kids too well.)

Claire stands in the bathroom, looking delirious, thinking about her punching bag

Claire gets herself cleaned up and it’s no surprise where she goes next…

Claire works out with her punching bag

To the punching bag. Duh.

Reached Cooking Level 10: Stacey learned the recipes for Roast Chicken and Tuna Casserole

You can tell that the world of the Sims isn’t real life because HOW IN THE HELL ARE THOSE MAX-LEVEL RECIPES.

Claire sits on the couch in front of the TV, browsing the web on her phone and thinking about steam trains

Someone is supposed to be “Researching Opponents” for work but INSTEAD she’s browsing the web for sweet pics of steam trains. She’s like my dad :O

Britta Cooper smiles in her parents’ bedroom, now a child

I was real impatient to see if Britta was also a Julian-clone, so I decided that today was her birthday. SHE IS NOT A CLONE! She rolled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and the trait Goofball.

Britta in CAS

Obligatory CAS pic of Britta. It’s sorta hard to tell at the child stage but she seems to have a nice mix of her parents’ features.

Melvin talks to Britta; Britta looks unimpressed

Melvin decided to “teach Britta a valuable lesson”. Britta doesn’t seem to know what to make of it.

Troy experiments using a children’s science toy, taking notes

Troy sure loves this thing. I’d say he’s destined for a career in Science, but I don’t have Get to Work so probably not.

Britta and Troy talk about vacuum cleaning

Britta: Why do I have to do all the vacuum cleaning?!
Troy: You’re a girl, that’s just how it is!
Britta: THAT’S SEXIST! Also, you’re the one with a Neat trait, so you can do the vacuuming, lol
Simgod: also there are no vacuum cleaners in this game

Abed talks happily while Troy and Britta exchange a look

I dunno what Abed is saying but Troy and Britta don’t seem impressed.

Troy tells Abed about foxes

Troy: When the Pets expansion comes out I’m gonna get a pet fox!
Abed: Yippee!!!!!

Guys, if it’s no longer allowed in New South Wales, idk why it would be allowed in a Sims game. dare u to prove me wrong EA

Troy and Abed hug, having become BFFs

Troy and Abed become BFFs (as if anything else would’ve been allowed) and Troy has completed Popular Kid of the Social Butterfly aspiration, hooray!

Julian has been promoted to Advice Columnist!

This reminded me that Julian was supposed to switch jobs for his aspiration.

Julian stands in front of his painting of a flower, that looks like a child made it

He’s now in the Painting career.

It’s almost Melvin’s time. Make the most of these final days.

And he still hasn’t been promoted to the top of the IT industry!!

Why would you send me this chain letter?! Now I’m going to have bad luck for the next six years if I don’t pass it on to another fifty people within 24 hours!

You know that townie who legged it when Stacey tried to introduce herself to her last update? We sent her a chain letter. Pointless yet satisfying revenge, ehehehe

Troy freaks out about Britta while looking at a pile of dirty plates on the kitchen table

That is not your sister, Troy. That is a pile of dirty plates.

Britta plays the violin

~passionate playing of the violin~

Claire sits at the dining table in front of an empty space; Stacey stands, holding a bowl of soup

Stacey just snatched Claire’s meal out from under her! RUDE!

Troy and Abed scrutinise their homework books while kneeling on the footpath outside

~doing homework while kneeling on the footpath party!~

Achievement: Startup Upstart

Finally! Melvin’s reached the top of his career!

Melvin thinks about parties

Melvin: Ahhh. Time for a party!

You’re not getting a party.

Britta tells Abed about being noncommital

Britta: Don’t get engaged man. It’s just not worth it. Be a free man.
Abed: hmm, good point :)

Melvin Krause’s long life is coming to an end. Now would be a good time to get his affairs in order.

Noooooo :'(

Anyway, I let him retire, seeing as he’d FINALLY reached the top and probably wouldn’t live long enough to attend another day of work anyway.

Claire has been promoted to Starter!

Ten days away from Adulthood and she’s already reached level 7 of the Athlete career… Claire is talented!

Claire talks to Melvin about death

Claire: Hey Dad, I heard you’re going to die soon? How much inheritance am I looking at?

Melvin tells Claire about grilled cheese

Melvin: I can leave you my special grilled cheese recipe.
Claire: Eh, sounds good.

Julian paints while Claire boxes

The couple that trains together, stays together!

Melvin stands right next to the Sylvan Tree and stares at it

The next day I had Melvin inspect the Sylvan Tree. He didn’t find anything interesting.

Stacey tells Claire about a mystery person

This interaction was “Share Conspiracy Theory”. You reckon Stacey’s getting closer to discerning the identity of their benevolent Simgod?

Melvin kisses Stacey’s cheek

Melvin kisses Stacey passionately

I just wanted them to have a nice afternoon ok :(

Julian has been promoted to Art Book Collator!

Yaaaaay. Just one more promotion and then he can quit this job too and get another one.

Melvin, Stacey, Julian, Troy, Abed and Britta sit around the dining table

What a beautiful family dinner!

(btw: Melvin and Stacey are in their pyjamas because they Did It)

Achievement: Circle of Life

uh-oh. trouble in paradise

Melvin points ahead as his eyes roll back into his head

Melvin: You’ll never take me aliiighuhhhh— *collapses*

Stacey walks into the living room and glances at the Grim Reaper

Stacey: Hmm, I wonder what the Grim Reaper’s doing here? Oh well, probably nothing important~

Troy stands at Melvin’s fallen body and gasps

Troy is the first member of the family to notice anything amiss.

Stacey and Troy cry

The realisation starts to catch on…

same as the last image, but with cutaway walls revealing the Grim Reaper is still in the living room

The Grim Reaper is still in the wrong room, though.

Britta walks confidently to bed

Britta STILL hasn’t noticed anything and just STRIDES OFF TO BED WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT smh Britta

The Grim Reaper examines his tablet; behind him, Julian smiles and Abed sobs

The Grim Reaper eventually worked out where he was meant to be. Don’t ask me why Julian is smiling because I have no idea. Maybe no one’s told him that this isn’t TS2 and he’s not getting any inheritance.

Melvin’s urn sits on the kitchen floor

Farewell, Melvin.


Stacey talks sternly to the Grim Reaper

Stacey: Look. That man was my husband. I care for him very deeply. And then you come into here, into my home, and you just kill him. Just like that. Dead. I just want you to know that this was very hurtful and I do not appreciate it at all.

the Grim Reaper gasps

Grim Reaper: omg, did I do that?! sorry! I had no idea! sorry! omg this is so awkward! sorry!!

the Grim Reaper tells Stacey about art

Grim Reaper: Y’know, have you thought about taking up art? I hear it’s very cathartic.
Stacey: :(

Grim talks about vacuuming

Grim Reaper: Or, uh, maybe you could do some vacuuming? I hear that some people like to clean as a way of processing their grief.
Stacey: :(

Grim talks about coffee

Grim Reaper: Orrrrr, maybe you could invite an old friend out for coffee and talk about your feelings?
Stacey: :(

the Grim Reaper floats away, as Stacey wails and thinks of rain

Grim Reaper: Uhhh, except, not me though. In fact I’ve gotta go, like, right now. Bye!

Stacey sobs over the urn

So, I’m just gonna have incessant crying for the next two days now? Cool. Cool cool cool

Rachel sobs in front of a gravestone at the front of the Coopers’ house

Moved the gravestone to the front of the house, where all the Spritas’ graves went circa 2010 in that TS2 legacy. Rachel just turned up and started sobbing there. smh

Claire talks to Stacey in the kitchen

WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?! I had Claire (who by the way experienced no sadness at all due to being at work when her dad died, which somehow means she never works out it happened) “Try to Cheer Up” Stacey and like… all three of Stacey’s sad moodlets, totalling ELEVEN POINTS OF SADNESS, just straight-up disappeared? 100% gone? So as far as Stacey’s concerned, all is right with the world again, even though her husband died twelve hours ago? Is this interaction bugged because why the fuck is it so potent

Stacey talks to Troy in a bathroom

I had Stacey try to repeat the same magical procedure on Troy.

Troy sobs and Stacey turns away in disgust


Abed begs Claire for a toy

Abed: Mummy, can I pleeeeeeeease have one of whatever toy this is supposed to be in my speech bubble? I promise I will stop being sad about Grandpa dying if I can have one
Claire: Hmmm, we shall see; let me speak to your father

You ain’t getting one kid.

Claire and Julian act cute and romantic in the living room

So, neither Claire nor Julian were particularly affected by Melvin’s death, and therefore they feel free to romance it up in the living room. Nice work, guys.

Stacey in the community garden

Stacey does a little work in the community garden in honour of Melvin, who ~loved the outdoors~.

Stacey meets Cassandra Goth on the footpath

On the way home, she bumped into her old friend, Cassandra Goth.

Stacey and Cassandra Goth point and say mean things to each other

Cassandra Goth seemed more interested in picking a fight than anything else though, so she can fuck right off tbh

Troy looks shocked and horrified as his friend Meghan screams at him

And in what seems to be a running theme, Troy invites his buddy Meghan (from last update) around… only for her to scream her head off at him for no reason. wtf

Stacey talks to Amira Shea outside the house

Hey, look! Another of Stacey’s friends hasn’t died yet! Stacey intercepted Amira here as she took a walk around Stacey’s neighbourhood.

Amira talks to Stacey about money

Amira: So now that your husband’s dead, you must be loaded, right?
Stacey: :o

Britta does homework, Troy eats, and Abed talks; the three sit on the couch in the living room

Just thought this was a nice picture of the three siblings.

Julian consoles Abed

Julian: Look buddy, I know you’re torn up about your grandpa dying, but it’s all gonna be just fine.
Abed: Really?
Julian: Yeah, I heard that in this universe, you can talk to ghosts as if they were regular living Sims, instead of just getting scared by them and maybe killed or confiscated by the social worker like in certain other universes. So next time grandpa appears, as a ghost, you’ll be able to hang out with him just like old times.
Abed: REALLY?! :D
Julian: Yes.
Abed: *Sad moodlets instantly disappear*

Britta, Stacey and Troy sit on the couch; Troy thinks anti-Stacey thoughts

Troy, however, will not be consoled and resents Stacey for even trying.

Claire has reached level 10 in Fitness!


Claire works out on the back verandah in a workout machine

And since I searched the internet and discovered that Claire actually needed a workout machine in order to achieve “maximum body potential”…

Aspiration Achieved: Claire has completed the Bodybuilder aspiration!

Claire’s achieved her aspiration!

Milestone Complete: Claire has completed Learning Earning of the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration!

Her new one is Fabulously Wealthy. It seems to have been a good choice because literally the second I chose it, she’d already accomplished the first milestone.


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