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Welcome back! I’ve just returned from two days in Sydney, and it’s time for another update of that wacky somewhat ordinary family, the Coopers!

Last time: Claire and Julian had a third child, Britta, who was NOT A CLONE. Melvin reached the top of the Tech Guru career, had a romantic afternoon with his wife, then died.

The Coopers 3.3

Troy cries at his grandfather’s grave

Uncancellable mourning actions… I’m lovin’ it

Troy, Abed and Britta stand outside, gazing at the sky

The three siblings are all now straight-A students.

Troy tells Abed about pencils

Troy: You know why my grades are soooooo good? When I make a mistake, I rub it out with the rubber end of my pencil. You should try it some time.
Abed: We get the same grades, dingus.

Julian strokes his chin in front of a birthday cake

It’s Julian’s birthday!

Julian as an Adult

Julian: And here I am… a dignified, respectable adult. At last.

Troy blows out the candles on his birthday cake

It’s Troy’s birthday too!

Abed blows a trumpet at Julian and Troy stand around


Troy rolled the aspiration Computer Whiz and the trait Hot-Headed, to go with his original trait of Neat.

Troy jokes to his dad about urinals, wearing three-quarter pants and bright green moccasins

Just between you and me, I’d say he gained a hidden trait of “dorkus humungous”.

Troy as a teen in CAS

Here’s Troy as a teen in CAS. He is, as we suspected, a clone of Julian.

Julian tells Troy about dinosaurs

Julian: Son… now that you’re a teen, you might be thinking of your mother and I as dinosaurs.

Julian tells Troy about frogs

Julian: I prefer to think of us as frogs… cute, vulnerable, and absolutely critical to the ecosystem. Please keep that in mind.

Melvin’s ghost and Julian talk about Julian

Melvin’s ghost: *suddenly appears in living room* Who are you?
Julian: It’s me, Julian! Your son-in-law! Don’t you remember?

Melvin’s ghost and Julian hug

Melvin’s ghost: Oh yeah! *hugs*

Melvin glares into the distance

I don’t like that look. What are you doing there, Melvin?

a toilet hovers in the air next to the bathtub, in which Stacey is taking a bath

Preparing to haunt the toilet, next to which your still-living spouse is taking a bath… I see.

Troy grins at his homework book while Melvin’s ghost sips water next to him

Troy: yay homework :D
Melvin: I wish my grandson cared more about me than his damned homework :(

Troy asks Melvin’s ghost about seduction

Troy: So granddad… could you, uh… tell me how it is to seduce a woman?
Melvin: *glares*
Melvin: *changes subject*

Zoe Cooper would like to come over to hang out. Is that OK?

What good timing for a visit, Zoe! Aside from the part where it’s 1:30am.

Zoe hugs Troy, while Melvin looks on

Zoe: Oh TROY! It’s so nice to see you! It’s been so long!
Melvin: Or, you know, you could hug me… your father who you thought was lost forever… not an appealing idea? ok ok, fine, I see how it is

Troy cringes in fear from the ghost

Troy was NOT feeling it when Melvin decided to possess one of the side tables.

Melvin flies through the living room, holding a bag of trash

Melvin the helpful ghost!

Zoe looks worried in the living room

Zoe: Dad? Where did you go?

Melvin’s ghost scares Zoe

Melvin: BOO!
Zoe: ARGH!

Zoe and Melvin crack up

Zoe: Actually, that was pretty funny, ahahaha
Melvin: hahaha

I think I prefer this to TS2-style evil ghosts.

Abed talks to Melvin’s ghost about silly disguises

Abed: Are you sure you’re my Grandpa? What if you’re some kind of mischievous spirit in disguise?!
Melvin: you may never knoooooooow :D

Melvin’s ghost uses the toilet

r u trying to tell me that ghosts need to use the toilet. r u really, game.

Stacey performs a comedy routine about dogs

Stacey: Pets expansion now, EA! I want a cute dog!

Julian ‘scares’ Claire

Claire had been trying to seduce Julian and this is the thanks she gets. just like me with my boyfriend

Stacey has a whim to flirt with Julian

Stop it Stacey.

Stacey kneels in front of the living room bookcase and plays with a toy robot

I bought some toys to help with Britta’s aspiration and for Stacey, this means HAPPY DAYS!

Pierce Cooper-Britton, a child, stands at the front door; Britta shrugs on the other side

Pierce: Hi, it’s me, your long-lost cousin from across the street. Can I come in?
Britta: I guess so?

Britta has a Bored moodlet: Boring Discussion

I have never had an INTRODUCTION fail before. What is your problem, Pierce?

Pierce smiles up at Stacey, while she stares disapprovingly down at him

It may not look like it in this picture, but he got along better with his grandma, Stacey.

Pierce yells at Britta on the couch

Not Britta, though. Only Stacey.

Achievement: Are You Entertained?

She did it!! Stacey’s reached the top of the Comedy career!

Stacey stands outside, gripping her head

She seems really thrilled about it.

Pierce holds a plate of cake in the living room, grinning

Dude, it’s like 1am, nearly everyone has gone to bed, and YOU ARE STILL HERE, EATING. Please go home, Pierce!

Stacey asks Pierce to leave

Stacey: Look, Pierce, you have to go home. Your mother must be worried sick.
Pierce: but your house is nicer :(

It’s almost Stacey’s time. Make the most of these final days.

*sobbing hysterically emoji*

Hey Claire, it’s me, Christina. Do you want to come to my birthday party?

HELLZ YEAH! Time for a good old family reunion!

the guests in front of Christina’s house

So everyone in the current legacy household came along, as well as Zoe and Rachel.

Stacey dances in centre-frame, surrounded by relatives chatting and doing assorted other things

If Stacey were a TS2-style Family Sim, I imagine she’d be pretty pleased right now!

Claire kisses Julian’s cheek

Julian flirts with Claire

Julian and Claire jump into Christina and Amir’s bed

Perfect houseguests.

Christina stands at her bedroom door, yelling at Julian

Christina: JULIAN!! I know what you’re doing in there and I do NOT like it!! Come out RIGHT NOW!!

Foreground: Christina pouts; Background: Troy approaches, also looking sad

Christina: I just wanted a nice family get-together :(
Troy: dw Aunt Christina, I can console you :(

Amir tells Stacey about death

Amir: So, I heard your husband died.
Stacey: Uh… yeah… he did.

Claire and her nephew Jeff snark at each other

Stacey: shut up, you're just a snot-nosed little brat anyway

Christina finishes her aging-up twirl, thinking about astronauts

Christina ages up! This offers her an opportunity to think about her job as an astronaut.

Britta grins up at Christina

Britta: Wow, Aunt Christina, are you really an astronaut?! :D

close-up of Britta’s beaming face

You can see the look of adoration she’s giving, right?

Claire tells Britta about schoolbuses, as other conversations happen around her

I told this dumbass to go to work, and ONE ENTIRE HOUR LATER, I noticed her walk in through the front doors and start up a conversation with Britta. Claire, you’re a starter on the soccer team!! You’ve gotta go to work!!

Claire crosses the road

So I told her to go again. I don’t understand why she had to walk so far just to teleport to work from in front of her own house. Why couldn’t she teleport from in front of Christina’s?! That would’ve saved, like, half a Sim-hour…

Troy talks about how much he hates money

Troy: Money is the fucking worst. Why do we have so much of it? Burn it in a fucking fire, that’s what I say
Julian (off-camera): *MINUS MINUS*

Claire, in her soccer kit, talks to Julian in their kitchen at home

Claire: Can you believe the coach bitched me out in front of the whole team JUST BECAUSE I showed up at the came two hours late? CAN YOU??
Julian: Um… Claire… I kinda can tbh

Claire has a whim to Teach Nesting Blocks to Toddler

Gueeeeeess whaaaaaaat! I managed to install the toddlers update (plus some of the DLCs)! Unfortunately Claire has not realised that her children are no longer toddlers.

Stacey plays with kids’ toys

Stacey plays with kids’ toys

Stacey plays with kids’ toys

So… since I installed all those packs, Stacey has become o b s e s s e d with playing with kids’ toys.

Britta scares Stacey

Britta: BOO!
Stacey: ARGH!

Britta mocks Stacey about music

Britta: by the way grandma, your guitar-playing suxxxxxx

Stacey and Britta argue

Stacey: DOES NOT
Britta: DOES TOO

Julian tells Claire about swimming pools over a game of chess

This interaction was “Share New Idea” or whatever it’s called. You know, the one ~inspired~ Sims can do.

Julian: A swimming pool. At least 1x1 in size. Are you in?
Claire: Please sign me up to your newsletter!

Julian and Claire flirt

Super cute.

Julian has learned that Claire is a Professional Athlete at The Other Sports Team.

Although apparently Julian the Dumbass only learnt what Claire did for work just now.

Julian shows Claire his muscles and talks about vegetables

Then Julian became Confident from winning their chess match.

Julian: You see these muscles bb? All those fruits and veggies really do the trick!
Claire: Aww babe, that’s so cute. Come back to me when you’re a Professional Athlete at 100% body potential who’s completed the Bodybuilder aspiration, mmkay?

foreground: Britta and Abed in front of house; background: their cousin Shirley

See Christina Shirley aaaaaall the way in the background there? Britta and Abed had a competition to see who could invite her over from school. Abed won because, y’know, his dialog box popped up first.

Britta tells Shirley about dinosaurs

Britta: I hope you’re not a lil’ scaredy-cat, because REAL-LIFE DINOSAURS have been known to attack us at this address.

Britta gestures wildly as she continues talking to Britta

Britta: Luckily I have fearsome warrior training and I fought those monsters off with my BARE HANDS!

I am not sure that Shirley believed this Unbelievable Story.

Abed plays at the toybox in his bedroom

At least Abed is also getting some use out of the toybox, and not just his grandmother.

a vampire knocks on the Coopers’ front door

This fucking dickhead decided to knock on our front door when everyone except Troy was in bed. I have watched enough Buffy to know that inviting him in would be a bad idea.

Melvin emerges from his grave

Shortly after that, Melvin emerges from his grave.

the vampire walks away from the front door, thinking about how he’s been shown the hand

Vampires: Geez, I can tell when I’ve been shown the hand. Guess I’ll just go somewhere I’m wanted then. Ouch!

Abed wakes up in fear as Melvin glides out of his bedroom

Abed: omg?! whazzda?!
Melvin: never mind me, just on my way out, bye grandson

Melvin and Abed chat while sitting on the bed

I guess Melvin changed his mind. Abed told him all about school, how much he wants new toys, and how annoying his parents are. He also started to ask him to spray the monster under the bed. But then…

Stacey and Melvin’s ghost embrace

Stacey: I never thought I’d see you again…
Both: *embrace*

Stacey has a whim to WooHoo with Melvin

So this… is… possible? ok then.

Melvin’s ghost tells Abed about cupcakes, while Stacey stands nearby

Melvin: hey kid… do u wanna go find a cupcake to eat or somethin’

Stacey and Melvin’s ghost flirt

Stacey and Melvin’s ghost jump into bed together

Achievement: What Would It Be Like?

Unfortunately Stacey cannot actually report on what it was like.

Stacey and Melvin’s ghost kiss passionately

Stacey and Melvin’s ghost stargaze on the footpath outside the house

Their romantic night continues, Stacey’s heart heavy with the knowledge that come morning, the spell would be broken and Melvin would be dead once more.

a townie walks through Melvin’s head on the footpath

This townie had no respect for Stacey and Melvin’s romantic evening >:(

Stacey and Melvin’s ghost talk about being reaped

Stacey: Y’know, I hadn’t been thinking I was ever going to see you again, given that, after all, you got reaped!
Melvin: Oh my love… don’t you realise that one day soon, it’ll be your turn too? And then we can be together forever.

Stacey and Melvin’s ghost embrace

Stacey: Then I suppose I’ll see you soon…
Melvin: I’ll be waiting for you.

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