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Welcome back! It’s time for another update of the Coopers!

Last time: Most of the Coopers, but not Claire, Julian or Britta, were really devastated by Melvin’s death. Julian and Troy had birthdays! Melvin’s ghost visited… twice. Christina Cooper invited the family to her birthday party, at which Julian and Claire were *ahem* ideal guests. On Melvin’s second ghostly visit to the Sprita house, he and Stacey shared a beautiful romantic evening.

The Coopers 3.4

Stacey plays at the children’s toybox, while Abed and Britta wake up in fright

The morning after Melvin’s ghostly return to Simlandia, Stacey is still half-living in a dreamworld. She manages to wake up both Abed and Britta with a fright. Troy just snoozes on through, though.

Stacey talks animatedly to Stacey and Abed at the breakfast table

Stacey: I swear, your father was standing right there in front of me! It was like I could reach out and touch him! And, uh, more than just touch him… *cough*
Claire: Mmhmm Mum, I see. Are you sure you don’t need to see a doctor about this?
Abed: No Mum, it’s true! I saw Grandpa’s ghost too! I dunno about the rest of it though… I went off to look for a cupcake.

Claire tells Stacey about how much she dislikes vampires

Claire: I am really not a fan of vampires.
Stacey: Oh, I see.

Claire tells Stacey about vampires

Claire: Or maybe I do like them. I dunno. It’s hard to be sure.
Stacey (thinking): Man, this conversation is nowhere near as fun as last night.

Troy stands next to the stove, complaining about being hungry

Dumbass Troy interrupted himself cooking his breakfast to complain about how hungry he was.

Stacey Cooper’s long life is coming to an end. This would be a good time to get her affairs in order.


Little Troy is missing school! If he misses too many days his grades will suffer…

Then Dumbass Troy missed school because he took two hours to eat his breakfast.

GeekCon; Location: Planet Honey Pop! Time: Tuesday 10:00AM - 4:00PM

To make good use of the day, Troy and Stacey go to this thing.

Troy, Amir and a costumed Christina watch a movie at GeekCon

Troy bumped into his Aunt Christina and Uncle Amir… the former wearing a hella stylish costume. The glares here are because they were really suspicious of some dog vs cats movie where the cat lived with a mummy. Like, the cursed, undead kind. tbh I’d be suspicious of this movie too.

Stacey and Troy shush each other

Stacey: SHUSH TROY!!

Troy enters a gaming competition but fails

Troy entered this gaming competition, but he sucked at it. 30/100 lol

compilation of Troy in the gaming box

At least he had fun. And as we all know, it’s not about whether you win or lose, but if you have fun.*

* Disclaimer: I wrote this once in a story in grade 1 and my teacher loved it and my family has relished telling the story ever since.

Select a career for Julian: Critic

Julian had to switch careers again for his aspiration, so he’s now a Critic.

Julian has completed Pantologist of the Renaissance Sim aspiration!

You know what this means – only one more level to go until he reaches his goal! Only to do that, he has to reach level EIGHT in SIX separate skills T_T

Stacey Cooper has lived a long life, but her time has finally come. She is dying of old age.


Stacey lays down wearily on the kitchen floor

Stacey: Melvin… I will be waiting for you… just… here…

the Grim Reaper glides down the hallway

Julian walks past the Grim Reaper and Stacey’s corpse, holding a stack of dirty dishes and smiling

Julian: Hmm, this is different. Unusual. Interesting. I wonder what’s going on. Ho hum, better do the dishes!

Julian cries next to the Grim Reaper and Stacey’s corpse

Julian: Wait a minute… *sob sob sob*

left: Stacey’s urn; right: Julian looking sad

Adieu, Stacey.

Amir texts Julian: Congrats on landing that sweet job! I think this is going to be great for you!

Amir chimes in with this awesomely-timed text, thanks bro.

Julian sits at the computer while the Reaper complains about a movie being embarrassing

Grim Reaper: this movie is so cringeworthy
Julian: stfu Reaper I am ~blogging about my feelings~

Claire waves hello at the Grim Reaper

Claire: Hi honey, I’m awake from my nap! What did I miss? …oh, uh, hello Mr. Grim Reaper.

Julian talks to Claire, who looks sad while listening; the Grim Reaper stands nearby looking at Julian

Julian: Claire… this utter BASTARD just KILLED YOUR MOTHER.
Grim Reaper: hey now that’s a bit harsh

Claire smiles and gazes dreamily upwards

Claire: Oh well… I guess she’s with Dad now, among the stars.
Grim Reaper: See, that’s the spirit!

two graves, side-by-side, in front of the Cooper house

Here’s Stacey’s final resting place, just next to Melvin’s.

Angel Corbett texts Julian: I heard about the passing of someone special to you. I wanted to offer my condolences.

At least someone cares what Julian is going through.

Abed consoles Julian in a slightly glitchy interaction

Abed: Don’t worry Dad! Remember when I was really sad about Grandpa dying, and you told me not to worry because he’d come back as a ghost? Well, YOU WERE RIGHT! And I’m sure Grandma will come back as well! So cheer up, it’s OK!

Britta plays her violin on the footpath by the side of the house

Britta has like two days to reach level 10 Creativity and complete her childhood aspiration… X_X

Claire has been promoted to All-Star!

♫ Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play… ♫

Alexander Goth texts Claire: Congrats on the big promotion Claire! Do you want to celebrate tonight? Bar: Old Quarter Inn

Ummm are you sure you even know Claire, Alexander Goth?!

(We said no because this seemed weird and possibly disloyal to Julian.)

Julian massages Claire’s shoulders

Instead, Julian gives Claire a massage to relieve her aching joints…

Britta walks into the living room as Claire and Julian kiss on the couch

…Britta is nearly a massive buzzkill, but walks away again…

Julian and Claire jump into bed

…and then these two jump into bed for some celebratory WooHoo!

some woman knocks on the Coopers’ front door at night

who the fuck are you knocking on our front door after 11pm

the woman hisses

oh… ANOTHER VAMPIRE. Well, you can fuck right off. I know my rights!

Abed blows out the candles on a chocolate cake

It’s Abed’s birthday!

a CAS pic of Abed

Here he is in CAS! I still think he’s a clone of Julian and Troy. He got some money-related aspiration and the trait Unflirty, to go with his pre-existing one of Art Lover. in case you couldn’t tell, I don’t care that much because sole non-clone Britta is practically a shoo-in for heir at this point

Abed in CAS, in “gangsta” clothes

This was Abed’s autonomous athletic outfit… lol. Not very practical.

Julian has been promoted to Story Researcher!

Yay! Just one more promotion and about a billion fucking skill points to go!

Melvin’s ghost texts Abed: Congratulations on your recent birthday!

Uh… thank… you… Abed’s dead grandpa!

Abed has a whim to Get a Promotion

chill out dude… you’re like 13 years old, even if you already look identical to a full-grown adult. You don’t even have a job!

Britta plays the violin while Claire looks faintly irritated

Claire seems to looooove her daughter’s passion for the violin.

Pregnancy Start: Started Pregnancy for Rachel Cooper with Paolo Rocca.

Rachel is pregnant!! With some dude who I have no idea who the fuck he is.

Melvin’s ghost streams merrily into the house, coloured green

Goddamn my blood pressure went up when I saw this fucker come speeding into the house.

Melvin, now red, washes his hands in a dirty sink

He decided straight away to wash his hands in the sink and he got ANGRY!! For no REASON!!

Melvin thinks about fights

Does he reckon he somehow mysteriously lost a fight between streaming into the house and washing his hands in the bathroom?? Look mate, I’m not quite sure what goes on in the afterlife, but I think you have something confused.

the TV floats in the air as Claire eats on the couch

Melvin then decided to possess the TV in order to scare his daughter Claire. A+

Julian cries at one of the gravestones


Aspiration Achieved: Britta has Completed the Artistic Prodigy Aspiration!


Stacey’s ghost, flaming red, stands in front of a broken showertub

Stacey’s ghost emerges the next night, flaming red for no apparent reason. Thanks for breaking the showertub you [beeeeeeeeeeeeeep]

Stacey (still red) plays with a robot toy

Stacey: O Robot, hear my plight!
Robot: Put me down!! You’re not even corporeal, how are you holding me?!
Stacey: :(

Britta does an impression for Stacey, while Stacey glares at her

Britta: *does a funny impression*
Stacey: Who is this stupid child? *minus minus*

Britta tells Stacey about the Goofball trait, while Stacey continues to glare

Britta: It’s me, Grandma! Britta! We always used to joke around together because we’re both Goofballs!
Stacey: *minus minus*

Britta talks about music

Britta: ok, well just for the record, your guitar-playing STILL SUCKS baaaahahaha
Stacey: *blood pressure rising, y’know, if she had any, which she doesn’t because she is a ghost*

Seems like unlike Melvin, Stacey is a MEAN GHOST.

Britta lectures the giant teddy bear

Stacey: This is all YOUR FAULT Blarffy!
Blarffy: I’m just a teddy bear :(

Stacey’s ghost and Abed glare at each other with clenched fists, Stacey thinking about being shown the hand

Stacey: I HATE YOU ALL… so rude and inhospitable!
Abed: Yeah ok and you can fuck right off if that’s the attitude you’re gonna have, Grandma.

Britta tells Abed about being reaped

Britta: Just so you know, our parents both died. Like, right then.

Abed sobs as both keep talking about being reaped

Abed: What, really?! noooooooooo *sob sob sob*

Britta laughs at Abed

Britta: No not really! lololol

She started rolling lots of whims to be mischievous, y’see…

a whole ton of Coopers at the Magnolia Blossom Park

Iiiiit’s birthday time!

Britta stands at the birthday cake

~about to blow out the candles~

Britta as a teen, in the silly purple sunglasses

Here’s the teenage Britta! She rolled the aspiration Chief of Mischief and the trait Clumsy, to go with her pre-existing trait of Goofball.

Britta and Kelsi Duff play chess

Playin’ chess with her Aunt Kelsi~

Amir and Christina argue while dancing

For some reason Amir started a row with Christina in the middle of the party…

Britta talks to a random guy on a park bench

Britta: Hi random guy… I’m just gonna give it to you straight… I was sent here to tell you that your wife died. Suddenly.
Random Guy: WHAT?!

the random guy sobs hysterically and Britta looks guilty

Random Guy: *sobs hysterically*
Britta: Uh… oops… sorry man I was only messing with you lol

Birthday Party Complete! Gold Medal Earned!


Britta and Abed share a giggle on the pier

Britta then pranked her brother again, but Abed seems to be getting used to her shenanigans.

Britta yells at a random guy in the bathroom

Since Britta had an ambition to be disliked by two Sims, she then decided to yell at this guy in the public bathroom.

Britta has learned the following traits about Danny: Mean

I’m gonna say he deserved it though given this. even though Britta didn’t know this when she started bullying him

Britta tells off a woman sleeping in the public toilets

Britta: Why are you sleeping and stinky in the public toilets? you disgust me

the woman tells Britta off right back

Woman: What is your problem?!

Milestone Complete: Britta has completed Mostly Harmless of the Chief of Mischief aspiration!

To be fair, so far this aspiration is not very difficult.

excerpt of Britta’s relationship panel, revealing that Marley Daniel (the woman in the bathroom) is Britta’s aunt

Turns out that woman in the bathroom was Britta’s long-lost aunt. lol

Stacey’s ghost calls Julian: Hey Julian. I fancy some Sakura Tea. Want to come get some at the Romance Festival with me?


Abed has an Uncomfortable moodlet: Witnessed Crass Act

Are you sure you witnessed anything crass, Abed? Like, really?

Christina calls Claire: Hey, are you up for grabbing a drink? I could really use a change of scene and a heart to heart.

Ordinarily I reject all invitations like this but after seeing Amir pick on Christina earlier in the day I decided to accept this one.

Claire and Christina share a drink at the bar

So here they are! This picture is a bit deceptive though because for the most part, Christina wasn’t that interested in talking :/

Rachel joins Claire and Christina at the bar

Their heavily-pregnant sister Rachel joins them too!

Amir is my ball and chain. We’re married!

I had Claire ask Christina about Amir and this is what came up. Sounds ominous tbh

excerpt from Claire’s relationships panel: Seema Acharya is a vampire

Apparently the bartender was a vampire and every time she did that hissing thing, everyone disliked her a little bit more. Great business move, Rattlesnake Juice.

Britta types on a forum on the computer

Back at home, Britta is trolling teh forums!

CAS picture of Britta

Here’s a CAS picture of Britta, sans stupid glasses! She looks a LOT like her mum Claire, but I think with Julian’s eyes and a skintone somewhere between her parents’. Anyway, not a clone.

Entered the Barista Career: Abed is now a Bean Blender at The Frothy Foamer. He starts Monday at 5:00AM!

Abed wouldn’t stop rolling whims for promotions so he has a part-time job now. Making coffee. Enjoy it NERD!

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