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Last time: Britta strove to become a prankster extraordinaire, but experienced some setbacks. She attended a festival in San Myshuno and joined a club called the Renegades, currently led by a shit-for-brains bratty kid. Then she skipped school and had a lil’ flirting sesh with fellow club member, Morgan. Plus some other family members did some stuff.

The Coopers 3.6

Wolfgang texts Britta: Let’s get out and have some fun! Park: Desert Bloom

Why, hello there, Wolfgang! Desert Bloom, you say?

Wolfgang, Britta, Ulrike and another female Sim stand out the front of Desert Bloom park

Britta decides to invite Ulrike out to join them. This other Sim hung out with them too, despite not being in the Renegades club OR even knowing Britta.

Britta holds her chin in embarrassment while Ulrike looks disappointed

Nawww, even when she’s cracking jokes that completely fail to hit any mark, she’s so adorable.

Wolfgang insults Britta, talking about crabs

Wolfgang: lol! u must got crabs and that’s why u so bad at humour! ur itchiness must be distracting u! lololol
Britta: what even

ok, so Wolfgang is a jerk. But we’ve got a purpose and must continue dealing with him for now.

Britta tells Wolfgang, Ulrike and the other Sim about megaphones

Ulrike cooks everyone some hot dogs, and Britta gets to work.

Britta: Don’t you just hate loudmouths? I certainly do.
Wolfgang and Ulrike: oh tru
Other Sim: OH HELL YES! Please tell me more!

Britta dances in a deserted bar that looks more like a historic library

Everyone else went home and Britta decided to dance all by herself in this deserted bar that no one even works in apparently. plz go home, Britta.

Troy sprays some cleaning fluid into the side of Julian’s face as Julian sits and types at his computer

Poor Julian just trying to work and his son spraying some cleaning fluid into his face for some unknown reason.

Julian propositions Claire, as Troy cheers behind them

Julian: Oh baby… what do you say we hit the sack?

For some reason, Claire did not find this off-putting.

Julian reads love poetry about fire to Claire

The following morning…

Julian: My love… you are as hot as a flame…

Julian and Claire jump into bed together

To mere mortals such as you or I, that line might have seemed super-cheesy, but to Claire it was just the aphrodisiac she needed to jump into bed a second time.

Britta greets Morgan with a shrug and an awkward smile

Britta invites Morgan over to continue the job she started last night!

montage of Rachel, Ulrike and Wolfgang all knocking on the front door

Then… we had a ton more visitors invite themselves over… (at least not vampires this time)

Britta talks to Ulrike and Wolfgang on the couch; Troy and Julian chat in the background

Britta: So guys, what do you think of our club leader, Max Villareal?

Wolfgang and Ulrike both say: I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Max.

Uhhhhh… wtf do you guys mean… he was at the club gathering with you idiots.

Britta tells Ulrike and Wolfgang about how bad Max is

Britta: ok well, just so you guys know, Max is a total jerk and weirdo and really mean.

Wolfgang echoes Britta’s thoughts on Max, while Ulrike talks about Britta

Wolfgang: Whoa, he sounds like a terrible person!
Ulrike: Thanks for letting us know, Britta. You’re the best, looking out for us like that!

Morgan sobs at the graves of Britta’s grandparents

Meanwhile, Morgan is sobbing hysterically at the graves of Britta’s grandparents who she never met, because that makes total sense! Good one Morgan!

Britta consoles Morgan

Britta: I understand you’re feeling depressed about this, but it’s okay, because they keep visiting us as ghosts like literally all the time, and Grandma’s a bit of a jerk anyway. Also you never met either of them.

Britta asks Morgan about Max Villareal, who responds ‘?’

Britta: Anyway, what do you think about Max Villareal?
Morgan: Who?

Britta tells Morgan how bad Max is

Britta: Oh, he’s just the snot-nosed little bully who thinks he’s the king of our whole club. Jerk.
Morgan: oh my :o

Britta tells Morgan about love

Britta: Anyway, onto happier matters – love!
Morgan: I like love :)

Britta kisses Morgan, to Morgan’s apparent surprise

Britta: *kisses Morgan*
Morgan: omg O_O

Britta tells Morgan about wetting one’s pants

Britta: By the way, once I pissed my pants.
Morgan: o…k… o___O

I don’t believe that this is actually true anyway, Britta. wtf r u doin

Britta and Morgan snuggle on the couch

Britta and Morgan fast asleep in the same double bed

Despite that, they decided to have a sleepover, the cutie-pies!

Troy stands, dazed, in front of the coffee machine

Meanwhile, Troy is an idiot who made himself dazed from drinking too much coffee, and then broke the coffee machine trying to make yet another cup of coffee. Look mate! It’s the middle of the night! Just go to bed!

Melvin’s ghost tells Claire about drama

Melvin’s ghost: You didn’t hear this from me, but in the afterlife your mother’s proven to be a bit of a drama queen.
Claire: Say no more, Dad. I’ve seen it too.

Britta talks to Morgan, looking concerned, next to the graves outside at night

Britta: Look babe, I’ve got to be honest with you. You have to stop mourning my grandparents who you never met any spare moment you have. It’s kinda weird.

Britta and Morgan jump into bed

WooHoo “Fooling around” is a perfect distraction!

Morgan points at her half-eaten taco and tells Britta about some white substance piled high in a bowl. Britta smiles

Morgan: The flavours in this tofu taco are amazing, man! It tastes just like rice!
Britta: :D…?

Ulrike texts Britta: I agree, Max is not so great, he is not cool.

Morgan texts Britta: Max is such a jerk, you were right about him.

Thank you guys, thank you. I’m glad you agree.

Max texts Britta: Hey! We haven’t gathered in quite a while. Perhaps we should all meet? We’re meeting at Bathe de Ril. The pool is the best way to spend a hot summer day. Meet us there! Are you going to make it?

Get lost, loser king! Your time at the head of this club is drawing to a close!

Britta rages in the bathroom, as Max tells her off in a pop-up message for trying to prank him

Britta is disappointed her spur-of-the-moment decision to prank Max didn’t go that well.

Britta, Wolfgang and Ulrike crowd around a table in the Coopers’ front yard. A pop-up message says Morgan is not coming because she’s already here.

Britta decided to invite all of the non-lame members of the Renegades over for an unofficial meeting. As you can see Morgan was excessively keen.

Britta talks to Ulrike and Wolfgang. insets explain that Ulrike doesn’t like Max’s leadership, while Wolfgang is indifferent.

Britta asks Ulrike and Wolfgang what they think of Max’s leadership. (She tried to ask Morgan too, but Morgan was too busy crying over those graves.) As you can see Ulrike is coming around to the cause. Wolfgang needs more work.

Britta consoles Morgan, again

Britta: Look babe, it’s okay. If you keep coming around here for sleepovers, you’ll meet both my grandparents soon enough anyway! And, by the way, what do you think of Max Villareal’s leadership?

Morgan: You’re right! I don’t really like what Max Villareal is doing with it.

Morgan: Oh yeah, he sucks.
Britta: ’atta girl!

Julian has been promoted to Show Scout!

We interrupt this saga to bring you: Julian being promoted, again!

Wolfgang talks about how Wolfgang sucks, as Britta and Ulrike listen and Abed strikes a weird vampiric pose for some reason

Wolfgang: So, I hear that Max sucks.
Britta: Well, you’re a bit late to the party, but yeah he does.

Wolfgang: I haven’t been to a Renegades club gathering yet, so I can’t really say much about Max Villareal.

Are you suffering from mid-term memory loss or something. Yes you went to a club gathering and it was stupid and boring and you all just sabotaged everything in the bathrooms for the whole meeting.

Wolfgang: I don’t see the point in talking to Max any more. But I guess I’ll just put on a face…

yes better

Hey Britta, it’s Wolfgang. Do you want to hang out tonight? Island Bluff: The Bluffs

Sure thing!

Britta, Morgan, Ulrike and Wolfgang stand around at the Bluffs

Britta invited her buddies Ulrike and Morgan to tag along. BUT THERE WAS A GATE-CRASHER…

Max Villareal runs through some reeds while Wolfgang and Morgan stand around

…Max Villareal himself! *gasp*

Britta stands next to a campfire, with a view overlooking the sea

Britta lights a campfire for her club to enjoy.

Max: I’m not really sure how I feel about Renegades. Do you think that people like where it’s headed?

Britta asked Max what he thought about the direction of the club.

Britta tells Max that he sucks

Britta: No Max, you’re a snot-nosed little kid who’s mean to everyone all the time. We all hate you and want you to step down.

Max: Are you crazy, Britta? This is MY Club!


Max glares at Britta while Morgan stands around, looking happy

Max glared at Britta like this for the entire rest of the evening.

Max yells at Britta about babies

Max: You’re all treating me like I’m some kind of baby! Well I’m NOT, I’m NINE YEARS OLD!!!
Morgan: omfg calm down

Britta talks about how much Max sucks again, as Max turns away angrily

Britta: spoken like a true baby lol

Morgan: That sounds terrible! I’ll talk to Max myself.

Max started to look worried when other club members voiced similar disapproval.

Max storms off, away from Britta, Ulrike and Morgan

So then he stormed off.

Britta, Morgan and Ulrike share a giggle

Everyone else, minus Wolfgang because he’d made himself scarce, shared in a good laugh at his expense.

Max glares behind him as he runs away

Max: Grrrr, I will get you… I will get you all

Abed: I have a new penpal from Sunset Valley. I remember when everyone and their mother used to live in Sunset Valley. Times have changed.

Thank you for this fascinating contribution, Abed.

Stacey’s ghost, red with rage again, complains about fire

Stacey’s ghost: I must destroy all the bathroom stuff because I hate fire

Britta tells Stacey’s ghost about butterflies

Britta: Cheer up, Grandma! We live in a world with butterflies!
Stacey: hmm true

This actually worked.

Britta has a Bored moodlet: Curious about Clubs

excuse me Britta you’ve just spent nearly your entire weekend engaged in club shenanigans

Adoption Notice: Jami Hanna was adopted by the household.

By the household?? Whose household?! Not this one.

Julian lands a suave kiss on Claire

Julian and Claire don’t really do much these days other than working, skilling, doing fitness things (Claire only) and occasionally romancing each other. Here is a picture of that last one. Julian gets to inflict bestow a suave kiss on Claire because he’s all confident from the last painting he finished.

Britta chats happily to Shirley, whose eyes a closed and whose face is fixed in an indifferent expression

Britta invited her cousin Shirley over from school, but Shirley just pulled this face no matter what Britta said.

Britta tells Shirley about mermaids

Maybe because Britta was intent on sharing a conspiracy theory about mermaids, and Shirley has no patience for that kind of crap…

They are “Friends” now though, anyway.

Abed peers at a birthday cake as Claire releases a confetti popper and confetti falls through the air

Abed strokes his chin as he examines the cake and Claire gestures at him, as confetti continues to fall

It’s Abed’s birthday!

Abed as an adult

He looks literally the exact same. He rolled the trait Slob, to go with his pre-existing ones of Art Lover and Unflirty.

Britta consoles Shirley outside, near their grandparents’ graves

For a Sim with the Evil trait, Shirley sure has been torn up about her grandparents’ deaths (never even having known them that well) for years. Maybe it’s an origin story…

Wolfgang texts Britta: Max is such a jerk, you were right about him.

Great! So you’ll be supporting Britta’s leadership coup against him now, right?

Britta and Morgan hug platonically on the front veranda

Britta and Morgan aren’t allowed to do any romance any more and have to hug chastely instead, because Morgan has aged up to Young Adult >:| c’mon game, this is mean.

Britta, Wolfgang, Ulrike and Morgan sit around a table in Britta’s front yard

Britta calls a meeting to discuss the leadership issue. You can see that Wolfgang is really thrilled to be talking about this again.

Britta has learned that Wolfgang is unemployed.

Although it doesn’t seem like he has anything better to do anyway. Dude, Britta has to schedule her subterfuge in around high school!

Britta tells Morgan, Ulrike and Wolfgang about how bad Max is

Britta: So I think we’re all agreed that Max is a terrible leader who has to step down for the good of the club?

Wolfgang says: He can’t be all that bad…

smh, Wolfgang. Haven’t you ever met Max?

Wolfgang says: I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Max.

He reckons not?? So what are you doing claiming that he’s not that bad, then?

Wolfgang tells Britta, Ulrike and Morgan about stinky shoes

Wolfgang: I mean, let’s be real here – is he in the same class of loathsome, contemptible scum as people with foot odour issues? I think not.
Britta: :D…?

p sure if she didn’t need Wolfgang’s backing on this, she’d stop wasting her time with him. smh

Wolfgang yells at Julian about crabs, and Julian jumps back in alarm

Wolfgang: Get away from me, you vile CRAB!
Julian: Okay, okay!

Both Wolfgang and Ulrike: You’re right, I really don’t like what Max is doing with it.

At least Wolfgang can admit that Max is doing a crap job as club leader. Ulrike too but she’s always been loyal

Ulrike tells Britta, Wolfgang and Claire about a suitcase full of money

Ulrike: You know, a more competent leader would be able to organise some great fundraising opportunities for the club. Think about all the awesome stuff we cold do if we had the funds!
Claire: Hmm, I like money :)

Select a career for Abed: Social Media

Abed got a job in Social Media.

montage of pictures showing Abed gaining followers, having his picture laughed at, and getting a big performance gain for an unconventional article

His career has a bit a mixed start.

And, although that was a bit of an abrupt ending, stay tuned for the next update for MORE! More subterfuge! More drama! More romance! See you then!


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