Apr. 17th, 2017

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Given LiveJournal’s new terms of service, I’m planning on creating an archive of my old legacies from there (or at least the Spritas, and maybe the Senregas too).

Unfortunately, I can’t just copypasta the entries from there to here a) without accepting the new terms of service, which I don’t want to do; and b) except by posting them in one big dump, because Dreamwidth apparently doesn’t allow backdating in communities. The easiest option – and what I plan to do – is just to view the source code of the entries, copy those to .html files, and upload that to my sims domain (i.e. where I already host my pictures).

It’s an annoying amount of effort, but well, I don’t now plan to use LiveJournal ever again, and it’d be a shame to lose my silly little legacy that brought a lot of amusement to me over the years :)

I’ll create another post here with all the links to all the entries once I’ve found the time to get everything all sorted. (I’ll also probably retire my sticky post, and maybe do a new and more relevant one. Eventually…)


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