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Welcome back! I’m glad I have such a backlog of updates, because work has picked up a lot and I haven’t had time to play in… well, a week or something, I don’t know. Enjoy!

Last time: general stuff and nonsense; Christina, Claire and Melvin had birthdays; Claire met a cute boy!

The Coopers 2.6

Zoe has a very sad face standing in front of the new house at 4:30am in her pyjamas

Zoe was pretty cut up to have to move house at 4:30am on a Sunday morning. I’m sure I don’t know why. I mean, that’s an ideal time to move house!

select a career for Christina: Astronaut

Christina’s entered the Astronaut career path, because it seemed fitting for an ambitious geeky genius.

exterior shot of the Coopers' new house

Exterior shot of the Coopers’ new house, in the daytime.

Claire talks to Julian Duff, who is complaining about money

Claire invited her boytoy Julian Duff over, but he was very difficult to talk to because he wouldn’t stop throwing a hissy-fit about the injustice of the capitalist world order. to be fair tho who wouldn’t

Julian stands in front of a birthday cake

Julian: A birthday cake… for me?

the adult Julian smiles awkwardly

Ta-daaaaa! Julian’s aspiration, btw, is to be a Renaissance Sim; his traits are Cheerful, Creative and Bro (i.e. the same as Claire’s but with Creative instead of Active). And what do you know…

Moving In Together!

He’s moving in with the Coopers!

Christina has a Bored moodlet: Boring Discussion

I tried inviting Kason Lee over so that he and Christina could bond over their mutual love of video games and geeky things generally… but both of them thought that the other was super boring. Scratch that idea, then.

Claire flirts with Julian

On the bright side, things between Claire and Julian are progressing nicely.

Julian grins stupidly next to a rubbish bin and a pile of rubbish on the floor

Unfortunately, Julian is a dumbass who likes to “Empty Trash” and promptly dump all of the empty trash on the floor next to the bin.

Christina has an Embarrassed moodlet: Awkward Encounter

When I finally directed Christina to walk away from Kason she got this moodlet. Like seriously Chris, don’t feel embarrassed because some dopey teen was boring to talk to.

Claire tells Julian about robots

Claire: Do you ever think that maybe, those stupid talking robots are going to band together and form an army to take over the world?!
Julian: Uh… yeah, sure thing.

Claire has a whim to buy a fridge, “from not owning a home necessity”

Um… Claire, I can assure you that you definitely do own a fridge.

Claire and Julian try to have a romantic conversation while Kason reaches between them for the bookcase

omg Kason, butt out.

Julian ‘dislikes’ Liberty Lee and Lena Palmer

Apparently Julian does not like Liberty Lee or this random teen named Lena Palmer.

Claire tells Julian something about flossing and chicken drumsticks

Claire: Make sure you always floss after eating chicken, because I don’t want no beau with lousy dental hygiene!

Like… whose idea was it that TS4 needed an icon specifically for this?

(I’ve since learnt that it’s the icon for the “Glutton” trait… for some reason.)

Bella Goth glares at Claire and Julian

Bella Goth apparently disapproves of young lovers flirting on the footpath. That is just so indecent.

Tabitha Duff knocks on the Coopers’ front door; Claire, Julian and Bella Goth remain on the footpath

Tabitha Duff (Julian’s mum, and Stacey’s good friend) drops by for a visit.

Christina hides in a bed

This is Christina “hiding in bed” after the HORRIFIC, HUMILIATING EMBARRASSMENT that was finding Kason Lee boring in conversation. Like… seriously Christina?

Zoe’s queued action: Ask About WooHoo

uh. ok. Let’s see where this goes.

Zoe asks Claire something about smiling, while Claire side-eyes Stacey

Zoe: Does WooHoo have something to do with smiling??
Claire: Yeah, you know Mum, you really dropped the ball on this one.

Kason Lee shows Rachel a video

Rachel looks horrified while Kason uses the Coopers’ computer

I don’t think Rachel liked what she saw in that video. Luckily, Kason is unfazed, and uses the Coopers’ computer to browse for more.

Claire says something romantic to Julian

Claire and Julian kiss

First kiss!

Julian tells Claire about suitcases full of cash

Julian: Wow man! You need to think of a way to monetise that shit!
Claire: Um… no thanks.

Julian thinks anti-Claire thoughts

tf is this Julian.

Tabitha just became Good Friends with Julian.

But aren’t you like, MOTHER AND SON?? HOW did you not have a good relationship before this?? considering this is The Sims and strained parent-child relationships are way rarer than in the real world

Tabitha tells Julian of her embarrassment

Tabitha: Oh son… I’m just so embarrassed for you.
Julian: Uh… *awkward smile*
Claire (thinks): Lord, give me strength.

Melvin walks proudly in a shirt, vest and blazer

Lovin’ Melvin’s dapper new everyday wear that he autonomously acquired.

Melvin has a whim to Buy a Shower or Bathtub, ‘From Not Owning a Home Necessity’

Uh, Melvin, you definitely own this home necessity. In fact, you own two separate showertubs!

Julian dumps more rubbish on the floor; Tabitha walks away smirking

Julian. You can’t keep dumping rubbish on the floor! It’s unhygienic!

Julian listens as Claire and Melvin both talk animatedly to him

Julian bonds with his in-laws-to-be.

Julian and Claire at the breakfast table

Claire: *bleary-eyed emoji*
Julian: *hearts-for-eyes emoji*

Claire listens to Rachel, looking disappointed and/or faintly annoyed

Romantic moment RUINED!

Claire: Thanks Rachel, you’re the best. I really wanted to listen to you complain about our parents instead of sharing an intimate moment with my “lovebird”.

Julian asks Claire something

Julian: So I’ve been thinking… I know it’s soon, but for some reason I moved in with you soon as well. So Claire, I was thinking… would you be my girlfriend?
Claire: REALLY?

Claire and Julian take a selfie

Post-entering-into-a-relationship selfie time!

Claire and Julian climb into bed

I think we all know how they consummated their relationship.

Break out the candles! Make it romantic! Claire and Julian are WooHooing for the first time!

…buuuuuut just in case you didn’t, here’s the game to make it crystal-clear for you.

Stacey tells Melvin about unicorns

Stacey decided to autonomously “Reveal Deep Secret” to Melvin.

Stacey: You know all those times I told you an unbelievable story? Well, the stories were unbelievable because they were not true. Sorry.
Melvin: :o

As an aside, this is the moment I realised the “Share Unbelievable Story” icon is actually a unicorn. I’d only ever seen it so zoomed-out that I thought it was a hand writing on a weirdly-shaped material of some kind.

Aspiration Achieved: Stacey has completed the Friend of the World aspiration

Upon making friends with Julian, Stacey found she’d completed her lifetime aspiration!!

Her new one is Joke Star, because it seemed pretty highly correlated with what she already does with her life anyway.

Claire drinks a glass of water in the bathtub

Claire grabbed a glass of water, and for some reason decided to jump into the bathtub to drink it :|

Select a career for Julian: Writer

Time for our lovebirds to get some jobs. Julian our Renaissance Sim enters the Writing field…

Select a career for Claire: Athlete

…while Claire the Bodybuilder becomes an Athlete. Fairly obvious choices.

Zoe stands angrily next to a broken dishwasher in a puddle

Here is Zoe bitching about a mess she created by breaking the dishwasher literally just then. ffs Zoe.

left: Stacey is one step away from reaching level 2 of Joke Star aspiration; right: Stacey is one step away from reaching level 3 of Joke Star aspiration

So Stacey is having a pretty cruisey time pursuing her second aspiration.

Christina has negative relationships with four separate Sims

As I was in the process of sending Christina out to search for a mate, I discovered that entirely autonomously, she has developed negative relationships with four separate Sims.

Christina tells two adult female sims about loudspeakers, while the Grim Reaper rolls in in the background

Unfortunately the clientele of this bar is mostly Adult women… BUT WAIT! Who is that in the background?

the Grim Reaper stands next to a jukebox in the bar

It’s the Grim bloomin’ Reaper, that’s who. Off-duty I assume, seeing as I heard no scary music and he has no scythe with which to reap.

the Grim Reaper tells a townie about baseball

Grim Reaper: I say, our local pitcher hasn’t been doing very well lately at all.
Townie: You say many wise words! and no I am not saying that because I fear for my life
Grim Reaper: What, just because I’m the Reaper of Souls, I can’t have a hobby?

Helena Colvin stands next to a bin she kicked over

For some reason, Helena Colvin (aka. DAUGHTER OF BRODERICK THE DEAD) kicked over this bin and created a big stinky mess. She did not get kicked out of the bar, though.

the Grim Reaper complains about the mess

Grim Reaper: Ewww, gross! I came here to relax, not to breathe in trash fumes!

a Sim with a closely-shaved head: Amir Britton

In the midst of all that chaos, though… could this be Christina’s dream guy who’s walked in?

Christina greets Amir

His name is Amir Britton, he is a young adult, and so far they get on well!

Christina and Amir are joined by a blonde Sim

But then this person sits down.

blonde Sim talks computers to Amir while staring at him with big, alluring eyes

And she starts hitting on Christina’s man.

blonde Sim looks sad as Christina tells Amir about a bunny constellation

She also doesn’t appreciate when Christina out-charms her, sharing many interesting space facts she’s learnt from many years working in a job she has never actually been to yet.

Christina sits; Amir gets up to leave; blonde Sim gets up and pouts

At some point Amir got fed up and decided to just leave.

the blonde Sim fights with Alexander Goth

Aaaaaand the blonde Sim decided to have a full-on pub brawl with Alexander Goth.

the bartender buries his face in his hands

Bartender: omfgggggg I hate working in a bar

Christina, the Grim Reaper, and some other townies watch the fight

Everyone crowds around to watch the fight. In the end the blonde Sim won.

Anyway, Christina then went home.

Claire and Julian cuddle

Claire and Julian kiss


action in Julian’s queue: Hide from Everyone

Only for some reason Julian keeps trying to run away and do this. Stop it!

Stacey Cooper reached Mischief level 3

Stacey smirks, Rachel holds her homework book, and Melvin grimaces in horror as he eats a bowl of yoghurt

I don’t quite know what happened but this is the scene I found in the kitchen.

Claire and Julian get engaged

These two have got engaged!

Julian tells Claire about vacuuming

Julian: I’m so excited to settle down and have you do my vacuuming forever and ever!
Claire: Ahahahaha keep dreaming, my friend.

Claire and Julian jump into bed

Anyway, they celebrated with an attempt to make a baby… BUT FAILED :(

Christina has a Tense moodlet: Promotion Anxiety

Chill out Christina, you haven’t even had a single day of work yet!

Christina reads about programming, Claire eats happily, and Stace walks looking sad

For some reason Christina is obsessed with reading the difficult programming books even though she doesn’t have the skill level for them and they leave her with bad moodlets.

Meanwhile, Claire eats breakfast and Stacey looks sad because she just walked in on Julian in the bathroom.

possible action: Discuss Conquests

This came up when, as Julian, I clicked on Claire. I let him do it.

Julian tells Claire about bouquets

Julian: And to think, I got you into bed without ever even buying you flowers! LOL
Claire: o rly *MINUS MINUS*

Julian has an Embarrassed moodlet: Awkward Encounter

Yup, not really your finest moment, Julian even though I made you do it. You’re lucky Claire is so forgiving.

Julian has a whim to flirt with Claire

I JUST SAID YOU WERE LUCKY… argh, never mind.

Claire and Julian jump into bed, again

They tried again for a baby! And failed… again… :<

Stacey screams at the sight of Julian in the bathtub

I’m starting to think this is deliberate, Stace.

Claire leaves for work in a unicorn costume

What a sweet work uniform Claire has.

Julian tries to flirt with Stacey, who is unimpressed

Julian: *hesitant flirting*

So much for that whim.

Julian talks while thinking about how embarrassed his is; Stacey chews her food

Julian (thinks): haha I wish I could put a lampshade over my face
Stacey: *chews and determinedly ignores Julian*

Julian thinks anti-Stacey thoughts; Stacey keeps eating

Julian (thinks): I mean she’s not even that good-looking anyway
Stacey: *unimpressed*

Melvin has been promoted to Dot-Com Pioneer!

Yay Melvin!

Rachel has a whim to buy a toilet, &squo;From Not Owning a Home Necessity’

I can promise you Rachel that you definitely do own a toilet.

Christina (in hard hat) and Claire (in unicorn costume) stand outside the house

These two look really thrilled to have returned from their first days at work.

Julian laughs at his science fiction book in front of a dirty sink in a bathroom

Turns out that Sims can read while they go to the toilet… and use it as an excuse not to clean the sink!

Claire has a whim to ask Julian about his day

Cute! Maybe don’t ask him to honestly tell you what he talked about with your mum, though.

Claire has just finished writing the The Goth Family comedy routine!

Umm wow Stace, seems pretty mean to mine your friendship with Cassandra Goth for material for your shows like that.

to complete her Bodybuilder aspiration, Claire needs to reach Level 10 Fitness Skill and achieve her ‘Maximum Body Potential’

Only one more level of Claire’s aspiration to go! I’m not totally sure what “Maximum Body Potential” is supposed to mean, though. I guess if she just keeps exercising a lot she’ll probably get there.

And that’s all for now! Next time: wedding?? pregnancies?? babies??? Maybe, maybe not. Wait and see!


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