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Last time: the Coopers tried to adopt a healthier lifestyle; Stacey got to go to the Goths' swanky mansion for a birthday party; the younger twins became teens; and STACEY’S ELDERLY FRIEND DIED AT THE PARK DURING THE PARTY.

The Coopers 2.5

Rachel (left); Zoe (right)

Once they got home from the party, the younger twins gave themselves a little makeover. Here’s some pictures of them from CAS. They… uh… have faces of very different lengths.

Stacey cries over breakfast

Stacey was left with a two-day +5 Sad moodlet for witnessing the death of a friend. We managed to cut it down to, like, one day with a lot of “crying it out” and “pep talks in the mirror” but she was definitely pretty torn up about it for a while.

Stacey looks appalled at Rachel playing the piano

She also didn’t want to do anything that would actually restore her Fun bar… except for watching Rachel play the piano and shaking her head in dismay (because apparently Rachel forgot everything she knew about piano playing as a child). Hmm.

Zoe tells Rachel about cowplants

This was Zoe spreading a rumour. A rumour about dangerous, carnivorous cowplants.

Claire stands outside the gym

The next day, Claire visited the gym, because working out at the gym was something she needed to do for her aspiration.

Claire works out inside the gym

And she did indeed achieve the first level of the Bodybuilder aspiration, yay! Unfortunately there was no one her age to socialise with at the gym.

Claire descends the stairs of the gym wearing only a towel

She just walked right out of the gym wearing only a towel.


Claire stands outside the nightclub

Anyway, she went to the nightclub.

a ghost in the nightclub

This is the ghost who lives at the nightclub. I’ve searched all around the lot and I can’t find an urn or tombstone anywhere, so I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but she definitely lives at the nightclub.

the ghost carries away a stack of dishes

This ghost does literally all the dishes at this nightclub. Suddenly her presence here makes some sense.

Claire waves at another teen

Claire actually managed to find another teen in this godforsaken town! In an alleyway. Still. Her name is Araceli.

at the bar, Claire waves at Alexander Goth

She also introduced herself to Alexander Goth. You can just see him thinking, “What the fuck, they let teens in here? This girl is clearly not 18.”

a cute townie dances

This townie looked so cute! Unfortunately she’s already an Adult so probably not marrying-into-the-legacy material. It’s a shame, really.

Melvin stands around outside after a night-time jog

A little bit of a half-hearted jogging routine and Melvin’s really started to slim down! I’m not anxious for him to get super-thin; I was just feeling bad as his middle section started to balloon out of control :P

background: a worried townie; foreground: Christina and Rachel, giving off stench clouds

The teen at the back there is Angel, apparently a friend of Zoe’s from school. As she approaches the stench cloud surrounding Christina and Rachel, you can see she’s really regretting her decision to come over today.

close-up of Angel

She really is cute, right?

from front to back: Rachel, Claire, Zoe, Araceli

Apparently I didn’t take any more photos until the next afternoon. Claire invited her new buddy Araceli home from school. She then learnt that Araceli has the “Insane” trait.

Christina side-eyes Araceli

Christina is not a fan of Araceli.

Melvin has caught a 21.27kg Salmon worth §121! What else might be out there?

What the, a 21kg salmon??? That’s literally half my weight! Makes a big change from §5 minnows.

Herb-Crusted Salmon (Quality: Normal; Made By: Melvin Krause) 7 Left; 9h57m until spoiled

Rather than let it go to waste, Melvin cooked it into lunch. A very, very filling lunch.

the girls stand *in* their beds

When I next booted my game, for some reason the girls were standing in their beds instead of sleeping in them. idgi

Christina tells Stacey, Melvin and Claire about death

Christina: Hey, how was that death the other day?!
Stacey: *side-eye*

Stacey gestures wildly while talking about cars

Stacey had a whim to be mischievous, so I had her claim to be a criminal mastermind (and getaway driver, apparently)…

Christina has a Tense moodlet: Criminal Presence

Christina fell for it. For a supposed Genius she doesn’t have a lot of critical thinking skills.

Christina has a whim to Be Mean to Tabitha

The next day, Christina had this whim. Hmm, I see.

Kason Lee shares a video with Zoe

Kason Lee tells Claire and Zoe about video games

Kason Lee visited after school the next day. The only thing he’s prepared to socialise about is video games.

Rachel kneels on the floor of the kitchen with her homework, while telling Christina (who is holding a plate of salmon and smiling awkwardly) about dinosaurs

Why are you sitting there, Rachel? I think Christina would like to know, too.

Claire’s current action: Lie About Career

Oh, this should be fun.

Claire tells Zoe about science

Claire: So yeah, like, just on the down-low, I’m a world-class scientist, like, with a microscope and everything.

Claire tells Zoe about entertainment

Claire: I even have my own show, like Brian Cox but younger and hotter.

Claire tells Zoe about money

Claire: I really rake in the cash, let me tell you!

Please tell me you’re not so gullible as to believe that, Zoe.

Claire stretches in a dimly-lit living room

Claire then went next door to introduce herself to the cute teenage boy living there.

Claire sits on this boy’s bed and chats to him

Claire sits on this boy’s bed and chats to him

His name is Julian Duff, and he’s actually Tabitha’s son! Unfortunately I didn’t get a proper, front-on picture of him.

Stacey tells Melvin and Christina about engagement being a shackle

Stacey: Now you’re almost an adult, I’ve got to tell you the truth. Don’t ever get engaged! You don’t need that shackle holding you back!
Melvin: Excuse me, what?

Christina talks about being smart; Stacey giggles

Christina: Did you know I’m really super smart?
Stacey: *snerk* Is she serious?

Melvin’s current action: Listen to Liberty’s Complaints

Oh no, what’s happened to poor old Liberty?

Liberty tells Melvin about a fire

A fire??

Liberty thinks about a broken heart as Melvin walks away

AND she got her heart broken?? Sounds like a rough day.

Achievement Complete: Smooth Talker

FINALLY! Now she just needs two more friends and her aspiration will be ACHIEVED!

Milesone Complete! Claire has completed Exercise Demon of the Bodybuilder aspiration!

Meanwhile, Claire’s already completed two levels of her aspiration! Whoo!

Claire (with salad) and Zoe (with homework) sit on the lower bunk of a bunk bed, chatting with their heads obscured

So uh, Claire thought she’d take her salad all the way upstairs to distract Zoe from her homework. Unfortunately the girls are taller than the distance between these bunks…

Stacey stands in front of the oven while thinking about fire

You’d better not be standing there thinking about fire because that birthday cake’s gonna catch fire.

(She wasn’t.)

the Coopers and some friends at Magnolia Blossom Park

Birthday time again!

the available options on the birthday cake are just the regular food ones

Only… I tried OVER AND OVER AGAIN, taking the cake out of Sims’ inventories and putting it back in, and the “Add Birthday Candles (§10)” option would not come up.

Celebrate Claire’s birthday by throwing a rocking Birthday Party!

I am trying to, you stupid fucking game

options on the cake now include birthday/wedding options

Finally I was able to move the cake to a very specific spot on the table and have the options show up. Of course the party was already one-third over by this point…

Claire stands trimphantly with her arm hooked through Julian Duff’s

It'’s Claire! …looking pretty much the exact same… and with Julian glued to her side like some kind of underaged boy toy. I hope he ages up soon. (Spoiler: he does.)

She gained the Bro trait, to add to the Cheerful and Athletic ones she already had.

Liberty Lee talks to Tabitha about basketball; Tabitha talks about herself

Liberty Lee: Do you follow a basketball team?
Tabitha Duff: Oh yes… I actually have my very own team, the Duff Brewers…

idk ok

Christina blows out her birthday candles as chaos rages behind her

Next it was Christina’s turn! I didn’t get a picture of the adult her, but she looks basically the same so yeah. She got the Ambitious trait, to go with Genius and Geek which she already had.

Melvin gasps in excitement at the birthday cake

And lastly… it’s Melvin’s birthday!

the elderly Melvin puffs out his chest and grins

And here we have the elderly Melvin. He seems pretty happy.

Christina and Rachel play chess; some guy annoys Christina

idk what this guy’s problem is

Claire, Melvin and Liberty Lee chat

Divorce and rain, what a great and coherent conversation.

Julian Duff, looking lost in thought

Oh, I lied! I do have a picture of Julian Duff from the front!

Cassandra Goth tells Christina and Rachel all about her mansion

Cassandra Goth: Hey guys, I live in a huge mansion in the most expensive part of town! You guys should come see it! You’ll appreciate it, I mean, considering the povvo part of town you guys are from.

…thanks, Cassandra.

Kason Lee tells Angel about death

Kason Lee: You know last time I went to a party with this family, SOMEONE DIED??
Angel: :OOO

Stacey and Everly McLain play chess

Meanwhile, Stacey is working on friend #19.

Stacey’s relationship panel, which is full of ghosts

I thought I’d check out Stacey’s relationship panel… uh, yeah. It’s like that Skyhooks song, “All My Friends Are Getting Married”, except that instead of getting married they’re all DYING! EVEN BRODERICK!

Birthday Party Complete! Silver medal earned!


Liberty and Kason Lee walk away, the former thinking about paperwork and the latter about cars

Liberty and Kason Lee depart pretty fast, the former apparently having paperwork to do and the latter to go joyriding it seems… (in a world with no cars, A+)

Melvin jogs, holding a bag of rubbish

What are you doing, Melvin?

Rachel has a whim to Buy an Oven While Inspired

What kind of whim is this? If you already have one oven, you don’t need another, do you??

Christina has a whim to Apologise to Tabitha

Looks like Christina is slowly starting to shift her opinion on Tabitha.

Claire tells Stacey about the military, while Stacey grimaces

Claire: Hey mum, what do you think about the military?

Stacey tells Claire about a voodoo doll with a needle through its hard

Stacey: I would rather someone make a voodoo doll of you and stab it through the heart… than for you to join that institution.

OK Stace.

Claire tells Angel indignantly about bikes; Zoe watches sport

Claire: Don’t ever take up cycling! Grr, I hate cyclists! They just get in the way of me in my two-ton metal death machine that doesn’t exist! What do you mean that roads are a shared resource?

Yep, pretty sure Angel’s not regretting her decision to drop in at all.

Claire eyes down her punching bag while Melvin, Angel and Rachel dance behind her

Claire: grrrrr, cyclists…

Melvin dances

The elderly Melvin makes a cute dancer.

a floorplan of the new Cooper residence

Then the Coopers moved house. If you read my TS2 legacies, you’ll recognise this as basically being the Spritas’ house (with some changes on the right-hand side because this is a 30x20 lot, not a 30x30 one). With four bedrooms I’m hoping it’ll have enough room as this legacy expands into a third generation. Hopefully many more generations too, so long as I don’t go crazy with the double-heiring like I did in my TS2 legacies.

Rachel takes a selfie in front of the new house

Selfie in front of the new house! Only, uh, since Rachel is facing towards the new house it won’t actually be visible in her photo. Hmm.

And that’s all for now! Stay tuned until next time!

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Date: 2017-05-25 10:36 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sylveon
i hope it's not rude to drop in with a comment but i found your legacy by complete accident and i've enjoyed reading it so far! your sims are beautiful, and i would have chosen the heir you picked as well! she's gorgeous.


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