Apr. 10th, 2017

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I’ve run into some problems with my TS4 game that I’m struggling to resolve. It seems to have something to do with my custom content, but I can’t work out what the exact issue is. It’s not as simple as, “Without this folder in, my game works; with it, it doesn’t.” That would be easy.

Basically, I started running into an issue where my game would think it had crashed when I’d closed it. Then, after applying the Dec 2016 patch, it stopped opening. Curious. I fiddled with stuff to try to get it to open, and then I was just really persistent and tried about two dozen times, and – wow! – it opened! Then I played for four hours, saving repeatedly, before finally saving and exiting.

Then when I tried to play the next day (yesterday), it wouldn’t open again. Gah. I removed all my CC – it opened. I started adding it back piece by piece. At some point I started getting the “TS4.exe has crashed” message after exiting, but in the end, I was able to re-add literally all of my CC (except one 50MB folder I decided I could do without) and the game was still opening.

Only then I realised none of my save files appeared in game. After some trial and error, it appears that all the save files generated during Saturday’s four-hour play session were corrupt. Bleh. It’s not like the engagement of my founder or the birth of generation two was important, or anything…

So I was in the middle of testing different save files when I had to step away from the computer yesterday, and today when I returned, the game was just refusing to start again. And again, it seemed to have something to do with my CC, because removing everything and progressively re-adding stuff resulted in a working game.

To me, the problem seems to lie in either one of two things:

  • a specific creator’s CC is causing my problems somehow (because when I re-add all my CC except for their work, I have no problems at all)
  • the quantity of CC is causing problems (because “all my CC except for their work” is not a lot of CC)

If it is that creator’s work, though, it's not as easy as “one file is corrupt” (as I said). It would seem that there’s some kind of conflict between two or more files, or perhaps conflicts between some of their files and the patch I recently installed (even though it all worked fine with my previous, older, game version).

The easy answer here would be “just suck it up and play without that person’s CC, you dolt”. Unfortunately I like having CC! So idk. I guess I’ll have to experiment more and possibly lose progress on my legacy game repeatedly. Just thought I’d vent my frustrations here as I do.

Good News Update: I only lost half the progress I made on Saturday! One of the saves proved to be non-corrupt. I then removed most of that one creator’s CC (I retained one thing that I really really wanted) and have had no more “TS4.exe has crashed” messages. Fingers crossed!


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