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Welcome back! It’s time for another update on the exciting lives of the Coopers. Just as a lil' reminder, if you have a Tumblr you can also follow this legacy at [tumblr.com profile] jayeless-sims, but I tend to feel like the updates are more cohesive here. Either way, if you want to read the whole update now, click on through!

Last time: So many monsters under the bed. So many. Plus, another set of twins were born – Zoe and Rachel – and Melvin continued to prefer Christina to Claire.

The Coopers 2.3

Stacey plays mobile games next to the river

Stacey rolled a want to go jogging… but then instead of coming home, she decided to play games on her mobile phone while standing next to the canal. Good move.

chance card for Rachel: she got in trouble for telling another kid to stop bugging her


Rachel has an Angry moodlet: Sent into the Hall

Sorry Rachel!

Stacey regales Crazy Stacey with a frog story

When everyone else was at school or work, Stacey went to Magnolia Blossom Park to try to make MOAR FRIENDS. Here she is regaling Crazy Stacey with a frog story. We learnt that a second trait of Crazy Stacey is “Good”… so that’s encouraging I guess.

Stacey introduces herself to another, male, Sim

She then introduced herself to this guy… but he ran away before she could make him her friend! So she’s still only on 11/12 needed for level 3 of her Friend of the World aspiration.

Zoe has an Embarrassed moodlet: Awful School Day

Look Zoe, I don’t think this is as bad as whatever Rachel had happen.

Stacey has just finished writing the Children Are Crazy comedy routine

lol, at least she’s following that old-fashioned advice to “write what you know”!

Rachel tells Stacey about dragons

This interaction was “Share Dreams”.

Cecelia Sewell would like to hang out

At 12:23 in the morning?! No thanks, Cecelia.

Rachel plays the piano

Rachel becomes the first person to actually play this expensive-ass piano that Melvin wanted to buy.

Milestone Complete: Claire has completed Agile Developer of the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration!

Woohoo! If she can achieve the next level she’ll actually achieve her childhood aspiration!

Stacey stands near some flowers

Stacey stands in a community garden

So, I hadn’t actually realised that Sims could walk around their own neighbourhood or that this neighbourhood had a community garden. Unfortunately, Stacey found the whole thing boring and there wasn’t even anyone around to talk to :(

Stacey has a whim to Get to Know Broderick

I am amused by his hairdo. OK, let’s do this.

Broderick gestures wildly; Stacey looks unnerved

So we invited him over. UNFORTUNATELY his mood was “flirty”, and even though Stacey told enough jokes to fill their relationship bar to like three-quarters, he still refused to actually be her friend. smh

Claire and Zoe play on the monkey bars

Playin’ on the monkey bars~

Select a branch for Melvin Krause

Melvin can’t say no to a flat-screen TV.

Melvin jogs away from the house

Seeing as Melvin LOVES THE OUTDOORS, I sent him out for a jog. His “fun” bar didn’t fill up at all.

It’s almost Stacey’s birthday!


Stacey makes coffee

ok, this shit is really annoying me. At around 9pm each night recently, Stacey starts to get tired, but instead of just GOING TO BED she brews coffee. And she never just brews ONE cup of coffee either, but 3+, even though no one else is going to drink any because Melvin already went to bed. Then it doesn’t even give her any more energy! Just go to bed Stace!!

Rachel has an Uncomfortable moodlet: Sore Back

LOOK RACHEL, you’re the only fusspot whiny enough to have any issue with these bunk beds. Kindly get over it.

Melvin gets a freelance job

Hmm, I wonder. Melvin to save the day!

Rachel looks sad and hugs Blarffy

ok Rachel, to be fair, this was cute.

Stacey has a whim to flirt with Broderick

wtf Stacey?! Do you have an “old married man with ugly hair” fetish???

Isaias Gunn, now elderly

omg, Isaias Gunn is OLD!

Stacey chats to Isaias Gunn and Kathy Corey

In fact, suddenly everyone in this town is old! Like, literally every single walkby is grey-haired and old. Why. I get that unplayed Sims in this game age without my intervention but… why is everyone old?

Milestone Complete: Stacey has completed Super Friend of the Friend of the World aspiration

Woohoo, just one more level to go! For that, Stacey will need eight more friends (for a total of twenty) and one BFF.

Stacey in front of the BFF household

In pursuit of that BFF, Stacey dropped in on the BFF household just across the street. Unfortunately, Liberty Lee wasn’t home :(

the BFF kitchen

They have a really nice place though, holy shit. I wish I had beer taps in my kitchen.

Stacey chats to Summer Holiday

Anyway, Summer Holiday apparently didn’t mind Stacey barging into her bedroom (?!) and is now friend #13.

Liberty Lee’s son

We did meet Liberty Lee’s son, though! His name is Kason. He was more interested in this tablet than in Stacey though.

Stacey goes to work in a pantsuit

I don’t know why she randomly went to work wearing this instead of her regular outfit. (Actually, I worked it out – it must be a work outfit. Who knew comedians had uniform?) It does look like she’s put on a bit of weight, though…

Melvin relaxes on the couch with Zoe and Rachel

Melvin occasionally spends some time with his youngest daughters.

Zoe looks triumphant as Rachel continues to work on her homework

Homework homework~

Milestone Complete: Melvin has completed Estate of the Art of the Mansion Baron aspiration!

Somehow I don’t think he’s going to progress much further with this aspiration, if the next step is that this house doubles in value…

Melvin completes his freelance job

After two sessions of work he got about 450 Simoleons for this. Better than nothing, I guess. And he’s got to keep training his Programming skill for work somehow :/

a ghost is shown as living at the nightclub

When I next opened my save file, I discovered that SOMEONE DIED AT THE NIGHTCLUB.

Kason Lee has a butterfly icon and a lone wolf icon

And poor little Kason Lee is a social butterfly with the Loner trait. This kid’s got a hard life ahead of him, I can tell.

Melvin looks aghast as his daughter showers behind him

Melvin: EGADS, NO! Not my daughter whose nappy I changed as a baby!!

Basically I didn’t see why this harmless event necessitated three-hour Embarrassed moodlets. For Rachel, sure, but for Melvin, really??

Rachel gets the same chance card as before, but ignores the other kid this time and he gets into trouble alone

How can the same thing happen to Rachel twice in three days? Anyway, this time she let the other kid get in trouble all by himself.

Claire does homework while thinking about dragon toys

Uhhhh. Claire, are you sure that’s what your homework is about?

Melvin sits on top of a bunk bed, studying a programming book

I think this house is developing some routing issues :( For some reason Melvin grabbed this programming textbook from the bookshelf downstairs, then walked aaaaaaaall the way up to his daughters’ bedroom and climbed onto a top bunk to read it.

Zoe plays in some garbage

omfg Zoe. y u do dis

Melvin catches a fish; Stacey talks to Brock Riley in the background

It’s Saturday! Melvin celebrates by going fishing (he even catches a fish this time) and Stacey befriends Brock Riley.

Melvin caught a 0.32kg Minnow worth 5! What else might be out there?

GOLLY GOSH! A whole §5?! Don’t spend it all at once!

Stacey and Brock discuss WooHoo next to a fishing Melvin

Melvin sure can’t be a jealous fellow, for you two to be having this suggestive-looking conversation right next to him…

Melvin holds up another fish; the girls all play on the monkey bars behind him

ya Melvin basically fished all day. And as you can see, the girls gravitated to the monkey bars, because I was making Claire reach level 10 in Motor skill before her birthday tomorrow whether she liked it or not.

Claire tells Zoe about treasure

Claire’s deepest, darkest secret apparently involves treasure.

Zoe and Rachel have a “new BFFs” hug

The younger twins have just become BFFs, and now Zoe’s reached a new milestone, yay!

Christina has an Angry moodlet: Terrible Toy!

stop playing with it then

Liberty Lee knocks on the door

Ooh, a visitor! It’s Liberty Lee!

Little did I know that this would only be the beginning.

Stacey tells Liberty and Melvin about frogs

Stacey catches her friend Liberty up on all the latest news… about frogs.

Stacey and Liberty have a “new BFFs” hug

Woohoo! Stacey’s achieved the part of her aspiration that requires her to have a BFF!

Cassandra Goth knocks on the front door

The Coopers have literally never met Cassandra Goth before, but she knocks on our front door too. ok.

Stacey has learnt the following traits about Cassandra: Insane

maybe that explains it.

Claire has a Happy moodlet: Monkey Master

NOT MASTER ENOUGH, CLAIRE! Two more Motor skill points for you!

Izabella Britton waits at the front door

This is Izabella Britton. No one in this household knows her either.

Stacey, Melvin, Liberty Lee and Cassandra Goth chat at the dining table

It’s not really obvious here, but Stacey’s energy bar is firmly in the red and she still won’t pull herself away from the group, lol.

Claire side-eyes the latest arrival at the front door

Claire: Uhm, Mum? D’you think all these strangers are here to scope out a robbery?

Tabitha Duff knocks on the front door

At least that’s a familiar face! Welcome in, Tabitha!

Stacey’s current action: Drink With Desperation


Christina carries a stack of dishes to the dishwasher

Holy shit Christina, that’s a lot of dishes.

Stacey strikes a pose

Shortly after most of the guests left and Stacey was finally able to collapse into bed, she aged up into an Adult! Funnily enough this means her energy is now at 100% for no apparent reason.

Rachel eats microwave pastry in the dark outside behind the house

This is either another routing issue or Rachel being a weirdo loner.

Stacey and Tabitha take a photo

I said “most of the guests” because Tabitha didn’t go home. She and Stacey have a grand old time catching up.

Aspiration Completed: Claire has just achieved her childhood dream of becoming a little athlete!


the Coopers' house next to a new house next door

One morning, the Coopers awake to find a new house next door. Curious.

Stacey sits at the computer and thinks about trash

Stacey: Geez, this comedy routine I’m writing is just trash! Trash, I say!

the Coopers, plus Liberty Lee and son, at the park

Gueeeeeeess what!! It’s Claire and Christina’s birthday, which means it’s time to throw a party at the park!

(By the way, I love that this game lets you throw joint birthday parties.)

Tips for a more successful event:

Excuse me game. Are you trying to imply that this event will not be a success when it’s only just begun?!

Stacey frightens Claire with something about soft drinks

Stop scaring the children, Stacey.

Melvin grills some veggie burgers in the park

Melvin makes a group meal (veggie burgers), just like our success criteria tells us to do.

Claire has completed Chatterbox of the Social Butterfly aspiration!

Claire is just THAT good.

You’ll need to bake a cake to put some candles on if you actually want to blow out the candles.

What do u mean that u can’t just buy cakes from buy mode in this game?!

a stove, a counter and a fridge in the park

Luckily, there’s nothing stopping us from buying ALL OF THIS SHIT so we can bake that cake.

Claire stands at the birthday cake, with Christina and a gardener at her sides

Claire is the first twin to enter into adolescence.

the teenage Claire

Teenage Claire! Given the success she had with her childhood aspiration, I gave her the Bodybuilder one for adulthood, along with the Active trait.

Christina stands in front of her birthday cake, as Claire and Kason Lee blow horns behind her

Christina gets horns for her birthday.

the teenage Christina

Here she is as a teen! She got the Nerd Brain aspiration and the Geek trait.

Claire has no skills.

Harsh, man. Real harsh.

Claire playfully pushes Zoe

LOL! Pushing around kiddos is fun!

Rachel, Kason Lee and another kid play on the pirate ship

As for the other kiddos, I’m not sure they actually realised there even was a birthday. Or two birthdays.

Birthday Party Complete! Silver medal earned!

Wouldja look at that! No dismal failures here, no sirree!

Claire jogs in the park

Gotta get fit like immediately!

Melvin reads a book at the park

Only Melvin is so much of a dweeb as to actually read a programming textbook at the park on his daughters’ birthday…

Christina (as a child) and Rachel chatting while sitting on a bunk bed

Then my game crashed and we got reset to pre-birthday times. Sad.

success criteria for birthday party attempt #2

This time we held the party at home and got different success criteria and they were hard. So we only got a bronze medal this time. lol spoilers

Claire as a teenager in her kitchen

So Claire aged up (again)…

Claire, Liberty Lee and Melvin at the dining table

Claire: *tells a story about pissing one’s pants*
Liberty Lee: oooooh dear…

Christina as a teenager in her kitchen

Aaaaand it’s the teenage Christina. Again.

I kept their Aspirations and Traits the same obviously.

Christina does homework, Claire drinks coffee, Zoe laughs

Autonomous homework! What an exciting life Christina leads!

And that’s all for now! Until next time, guys.


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