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Hello again! Winter is setting in, work is getting busy, and I’m having less and less time to play The Sims 4 – but I still have three and a half updates after this one, which should see us safely through to the school holidays ;) Enjoy!

Last time: the Coopers moved house! Julian Duff moved in, and got engaged to Claire! Christina went to the Willow Creek bar, watched a fight, saw the Grim Reaper and met a cute boy named Amir!

The Coopers 2.7

Zoe and Rachel on their phones

Zoe and Rachel calling in vacation days? I wonder why…

Plan a Social Event: Wedding

Maybe Claire and Julian are getting married?!

the Coopers and friends in front of Willow Creek’s museum

So here the Coopers are at the museum, with some of their closest friends, to watch the nuptials.

Claire puts a ring on Julian’s finger

Claire and Julian kiss

They’re married!

Liberty Lee forces a smile and walks away

Liberty Lee reckons she’s got better things to do than pay attention to this. smh, Liberty Lee

Christina fans herself as Claire and Julian kiss, and Tabitha smiles as she looks the other way

Uh Christina… why are you fanning yourself?

Julian has a whim to Ask Someone to Go Steady

ecurercuiecuau here we are, at YOUR OWN WEDDING, and you are wanting to ask someone to go steady. What is your problem, Julian.

Christina thinks anti-Julian thoughts

Well, maybe you should keep your hands off him Christina, seeing as he just got married to your sister.

Melvin stands behind the bar

The mixologist we hired couldn’t be fucked turning up, so Melvin had to do a stint behind the bar :(

Julian moves to cut the cake as Claire blows a horn

It’s like Claire’s forgotten whose wedding she’s at…

Christina waves as a question mark floats over her head; Julian grins at cake

Christina: Help! What am I doing here? :D
Julian: Cake :D

foreground: Claire, Julian and Christina; background: Stacey, Tabitha Duff and Liberty Lee (all seated)

It sure looks a lot less gloomy after the sun rises a bit in the sky.

Julian is a bit occupied right now. Should he still go to work?

Yeah, uh, no. Don’t skip your own wedding to go to work.

Julian has a whim to Flirt with Stacey

smh!! you are at your own wedding to Stacey’s daughter

Zoe stands behind the bar

Zoe also did a stint behind the bar. Teenagers are well-regarded for their good sense and responsibility around alcohol, after all.

Julian has a whim to Fight with Liberty

Julian is basically the best at wedding-appropriate whims.

Tabitha Duff cheers as Stacey and Julian kiss

I think Tabitha is happy, after all, to see her son with his bride.

Wedding Complete! Gold Medal Earned!

~wedding champion~

Grades Are Up! Zoe has been working hard, and she is now a High School A Student. Great job!

How did Zoe manage this on a day she didn’t even go to school?

Christina chats to Amir Britton

Christina invited Amir to the museum after the festivities were over for a bit of a getting-to-know-you chat. His traits, by the way, are Snob, Good and Outgoing.

Christina flirts with Amir

A lil’ bit of flirting…

Christina has a whim to WooHoo with Amir

…and Christina jumps straight to this whim. Well, let’s see what we can do!

Christina tells Amir about lovehearts

Christina and Amir kiss as lovehearts float around their heads

First kiss!

Christina and Amir flirt while Julian grins at them

Back at home, Christina and Amir continue to flirt, and Julian tries to insert himself into the conversation like some kind of weirdo.

Christina and Amir jump into bed

Before long, they jump into the sack! In, uh, Christina’s parents’ bed, probably because she doesn’t have a double bed of her own.

Claire walks into the house in a cheerleader uniform

Claire’s been promoted to Dance Team Captain!

close-up of Claire grinning broadly

Claire: No more unicorn costume! :D :D :D

Christina tells Amir about mansions

Christina: You know, I am in the Astronaut career path, which’ll probably be very lucrative as I ascend through the ranks! Want to be my boyfriend, and maybe one day we can afford a big house together?
Amir: Hmm…

Amir and Christina cheer

Amir: Hellz yeah!
Christina: Hooray!

Amir massages Christina’s back and shoulders

Autonomous backrubs. I wish my boyfriend would do that.

Claire and Julian jump into Stacey and Melvin’s bed

A little while later, our newlyweds decide to try and make a baby!

Eating For Two! Congratulations! Claire is expecting! There’s going to be a new addition to this household.

This time, they are successful!

Claire starts telling Julian her news; Julian smiles awkwardly

Claire: Great news, baby! We’re going to be parents!
Julian: Oh that’s ni— wait what

Claire finishes telling Julian her news; Julian looks sad

Claire: We have conceived! A little Baby Julian or Baby Claire is growing in my womb right as we speak!
Julian: :(

Claire kisses Julian as his salad waits on the table

Claire: *smoochies*
Julian: Ummm my salad is going cold! Or, uh, wilting or something. Please let me eat it!

But he got a positive moodlet though, so all’s well that ends well.

Rachel and Zoe eat breakfast

And just because the younger twins aren’t really getting much of a look-in in this legacy these days, here they are eating breakfast. Yup.

After that, Christina moved out and into Daisy Hovel with her beau Amir Britton.

action occuring under the covers of the double bed at Daisy Hovel

They get to business pretty fast :P

Christina (successfully) takes a pregnancy test

Christina tells Amir she is pregnant

And what do you know! Christina is eating for two!

Christina proposes to Amir

Christina decides she’d better make it official, and pops the question to Amir.

Christina and Amir hold hands under a wedding arch

It was not a long engagement.

Christina and Amir’s wedding (#1)

Christina and Amir’s wedding (#2)

Christina and Amir’s wedding (#3)

They held a beautiful private wedding… on their front lawn…

Liberty Lee knocks on the front door; Julian and Tabitha Duff walk up on the footpath

Then, for some reason, we had a welcome wagon. These three plus Claire was it. Claire brought a fruitcake that apparently was gross, not that it stopped her eating it.

Tabitha and Amir yell and point fingers at each other

For some reason Tabitha leapt straight to insulting Amir, even though it’s not like she even knew him to have a grudge against him. rude

Christina tells Claire she’s pregnant

At least Christina got to share her exciting news with her twin Claire!

And then I returned to the main household.

The charity is appreciative of the sizable donation and thanks Melvin Krause in their donor newsletter.

Melvin has a Happy moodlet: Giving Gusto!

Melvin autonomously giving money away, nbd~

I mean, at least this is after the Coopers have built up some savings and §100 isn’t going to bankrupt them.

Kelsi Duff would like to come over to hang out. Is that OK?

Julian’s younger sister Kelsi wanted to come over and hang out.

Kelsi chats with Julian and Stacey

Claire and Zoe (the latter looking cranky) join the group chat

Nice little hanging out session.

Julian shrugs at Zoe over a chessboard, thinking about aliens

“Huh, Zoe? I didn’t see any aliens anywhere.”

It turns out that Zoe is an unashamed chess cheat.

Julian’ genealogy

By the way, in case you were curious, this is Julian’s family tree. That Freddy Coats guy sure got around…

Claire has an Uncomfortable moodlet: Unsatisfied, from Mediocre Woohooing


Melvin has an Uncomfortable moodlet: Dangerously Tired

Does this mean that Melvin is too old for good WooHoo now? It’s not like his motives were exactly low when he started :/

Claire walks away from her treadmill, a slight baby bump showing

It’s not exactly obvious due to how ~fit~ Claire is, but baby bump!

Zoe strokes her chin in front of a birthday cake

Zoe: Hmm… I wonder what this birthday cake is doing here?

Zoe blows out the candles as Claire throws confetti into the air

Birthday time! She got the trait Perfectionist, to go with her existing traits Self-Assured and Neat.

Rachel prepares to blow out her candles, as Julian blows a horn and Stacey, Zoe and Claire sit around

It’s Rachel’s birthday too! (No surprise there, seeing as they’re twins.)

She got the trait Good, to go with Creative and Music Lover.

Zoe tells Rachel about WooHoo, while Rachel looks shocked

Zoe: Hey sis! We’re old enough to have WooHoo now!
Rachel: …what

Zoe lets off a birthday popper as Stacey prepares to blow out her candles; Julian, Claire and Rachel stand around in the background

But there is one more birthday…

Stacey poses confidently as an elder; Julian cheers

Stacey transforms into a rockin’ elder. Julian cheers.

Julian feels Claire’s baby bump

This is just a super cute interation ♥ I make my Sims do it every time.

Zoe now works in Business

Rachel is now a C-Lister

Zoe got a job in business, because it seemed like a good fit for a slightly neurotic perfectionist neat freak who chases other people out of the bathroom when she breaks the plumbing in there but refuses to fix it herself. Rachel has become a C-Lister.

Christina slouches and grumps on the front porch as Melvin greets her

Christina visits, but she is not particularly happy.

Zoe and Rachel stand at the bookshelf, reading

~the boring twins~

Christina tells Claire about grilled cheese

The older twins discuss their pregnancy cravings.

Zoe fans herself while thinking about romance; Rachel smiles as she eats cake

Meanwhile, the younger twins…Zoe: *sexually frustrated*
Rachel: *happy with cake*

Rachel is VERY INSPIRED and has a whim to buy a bar

Is “VERY INSPIRED” some kind of euphemism here for “INSPIRED TO GET WASTED”?

Julian Duff sleeps in a bed with a red doona

Julian can’t seem to remember where his bed is. This one is not it.

Milestone Complete: Stacey has completed Funny Businesswoman of the Joke Star aspiration!

One more level to go!

hovering over ‘Workout’ option: Claire is not able to do this while pregnant.

I mean, she worked out throughout the first two trimesters. But now the game won’t even let her take a leisurely jog! Bummer.

a very sad-looking Christina follows Zoe inside

Christina visited again, Very Uncomfortable the whole time.

exterior shot of house: there is now an awning over the front porch

The house had a minor renovation done, adding some cover over the front verandah to match every other house in this neighbourhood. It makes it look more complete imo.

Aspiration Achieved: Stacey has completed the Joke Star aspiration!

This one was so much easier than Friend of the bloody World, lol.

possible interactions as Stacey now include Weaponized Joke and Horrifying Joke

Look at all the new types of joke she can tell now!

Christina looks utterly miserable as she massages her belly in front of the bookcase

Goddamn. She looks like she’s about to cry :( Hang in there, Chris! Life will get better!

Tabitha Duff appears as a ghost in someone’s relationships panel

Scrolling through someone’s relationship panel, I discover that TABITHA DUFF HAS DIED. Julian, her own son, is blissfully unaware.

a child knocks on the Coopers’ front door

A kid that no one knows knocks on the Coopers’ front door. Go away kid. No children even live here.

Melvin has a whim to WooHoo with Stacey

Melvin has an Uncomfortable moodlet: Dangerously Tired

So uh… does this game think that elderly Sims are just incapable of enjoying WooHoo any more, even if they still want it? This is stupid.

Julian runs on the treadmill wearing a amusing assortment of clothes

THIS is Julian’s athletic outfit…

Melvin examines a Potion of Youth

Melvin may not have done very well with his Mansion of the Baron aspiration, but he did have enough aspiration points for a Potion of Youth. You earned it, Melvin!

Claire and Christina both moan in discomfort while sitting on the couch

Poor ladies :( I am struggling to work out what that icon is supposed to mean, though.

Claire tells Julian about broken hearts as he eats a grilled cheese sandwich

Uh Claire… maybe not the best go-to topic when you’re a few hours away from giving birth?

Delivery Notification: Christina Cooper delivered 2 male babies and 1 female baby!

Christina went home and a few hours later we got this! NO WONDER she was so uncomfortable all the time :O

Claire has gone into labour!

Meanwhile, Claire’s gone into labour, too!!

Stay tuned until next time for more ;)


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