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Last time: Troy and Stacey went to GeekCon, before Stacey died of old age. Julian was pretty torn up about it. Abed and Britta became teens, with the latter becoming an aspiring master prankster. Stacey was a mean ghost, Christina and Amir had an argument at the park, Rachel became pregnant, and three of the gen. 2 sisters (but not Zoe) hit up a bar where a vampire was serving them.

The Coopers 3.5

Claire blows out her birthday candles as Troy snaps a photo, Abed reads a book, and Julian gets out of his seat

Claire punches the air amidst a hail of confetti fired by Julian, Troy gets up to put a book away, and Abed stares blankly into the distance

It’s Claire’s birthday! She’s entering middle age!

Rachel walks away from Julian, thinking about a gravestone

Rachel cries at her parents’ graves

Rachel visited, but she seemed more interested in crying about her parents’ deaths than in actually interacting with any of her living family members.

Christina texts Britta: Hey, I heard you became friends with Julian Duff! He’s pretty cool!

I mean, given that Julian Duff is BRITTA’S DAD, I think they’ve been friends for a while…

Troy, Abed and Britta stand outside a karaoke bar in San Myshuno

Abed sings in a karaoke booth while Troy watches and Britta takes a selfie

The teens went to the city for a fun night of karaoke… but then my game crashed so it didn’t happen :)

Britta glares off-screen with a hand on her hip

Britta just suddenly turned and glared into the distance like this, with her hand on her hip. One problem: no one and nothing is there?!

a random Sim stands at the Coopers’ front door

Oh come on, I am NOT going to fall for this! You’re another vampire, aren’t you?!

the Sim hisses


yet another Sim stands at the front door, thinking about a suitcase

Look, YOU can think about how you’re a poor lost lonely traveller all you like, but your last name is Vatore and you’re here at 3am and I’m pretty sure you’re another vampire.

tbh this vampire pack is getting annoying. I thought they’d be more like TS2 vampires and stay in their own area unless you deliberately go out to bring them into your life.

Rachel Cooper delivered 1 female baby!

omg, another baby Cooper has entered into the world!

Julian paints a mural on the grass behind the house

Julian elected to work from home today, which means he has to paint a mural… on the grass behind the house. Not sure how this is relevant to being a critic but w/e I guess.

Shirley walks along the footpath

Cooper cousin Shirley has come to visit!

Britta laughs maniacally while Shirley cringes

Britta: Yes I, your humble cousin, am secretly a villainous criminal MASTERMIND! Muahahahaha!
Shirley: lol… don’t embarrass yourself cuz

on the living room couch, Shirley taunts Claire about licking

Shirley: Hey auntie. I heard you’re real good at licking, if you know what I mean ;)

Claire tells Shirley cheerfully about WooHoo, while Abed pulls a puzzled face while eating cake

Claire: By the way, WooHoo is a totally wholesome and satisfying activity to partake in with a consenting partner! And none of it is anything to be ashamed of!
Abed: Hmm… but what is it though o___________O

Shirley sobs at her grandparents’ graves

At least Shirley isn’t immune from the siren call that is these gravestones…

Britta takes a cup of light tea at a festival in San Myshuno

Then, Britta went to San Myshuno for some kind of jokesters vs pranksters festival! I didn’t read the description very closely so she joined the jokesters, even though the pranksters would probably have been more suited to her mischievous self.

Britta gets slapped by some blond guy

So there Britta was, sharing some hilarious repartee with this guy, when suddenly he slapped her. r00d. Or not, because Britta was all *PLUS PLUS!* about it.

Britta shakes her head crazily

This was Britta impersonating a prankster… the blond guy actually thought it was pretty funny.

Britta impishly pesters the blond guy, to his disgust

He didn’t appreciate being impishly pestered, though. Whatever, dude. I mean you DID slap her.

a bunch of Sims watch fireworks, Britta the most giddy of all

So, the Jokesters won and there was a big fireworks display to celebrate. Britta enjoyed them more than anyone!

some lady Sim caresses her voodoo doll

Ummm… this chick is cuddling her voodoo doll as if it were a kitten.

Stacey’s ghost, dark blue, lifts the sheet on Claire and Julian’s bed


Abed hugs Stacey’s (still blue) ghost

Luckily Abed is a forgiving soul, and he cheers her right up with a hug. (And the “Try to Cheer Up” interaction.)

Hey, Claire! We’d love to have you join Renegades. What do you think?

Claire accepted the invitation, but I’m not sure why they invited her and not her aspiring Chief of Mischief daughter.

Claire has been promoted to MVP!

Yaaaay! She only needs one more promotion to be at the top of the career track!

Marriage Notification: Married Skyla Caliente and Rachel Cooper. Marriage Notification: Married Aron Riley and Zoe Cooper.

MCCC lets me know that the younger twins from gen. 2 have got hitched.

Abed complains to Stacey about the food he ate

Abed: Muuuuuum. I hate the food I ate. It was gross. Do something!
Claire: Are you seriously trying to tell me you lack the problem-solving skills to fix this yourself?!

on the footpath, Caleb Vatore (scowling) and some woman dressed as fairy (smiling) face off

Meanwhile, outside: Caleb Vatore and this fairy chick have a little stand-off. Not sure what’s going on here, really.

Julian has been promoted to Beat Reporter!

Uhhhh. Little strange to get the promotion before he goes to work, I guess, but I’ll take it.

Jeff calls Abed: Let’s ditch school and go play hooky somewhere! (Nightclub: The Narwhal Arms)

Jeff and Abed stand around in Windenburg

Abed decided to wag school and go to some nightclub in Windenburg with his cousin Jeff.

at the bar, Abed complains to Jeff about football

Abed: Football is the worsttttttt, it sucks, I hate it!
Jeff: This day is going well.

Jeff tells Abed about cop cars, as the bartender looks confused

Jeff: Dude, you gotta be careful. We’re underage! If you shoot your mouth off too much the cops’ll be AFTER US.
Bartender: I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.

Abed grins goofily as the Grim Reaper sails towards him, thinking about him

Yeah Abed, I reckon I’d be a bit more concerned if the Grim Reaper were sailing towards me at speed, thinking about me.

I guess maybe he was a little concerned because that was the last picture I took before Abed came home.

Britta tells her cousins, Pierce and Shirley, about jewels

Britta: Hey guys, did you know I’m an infamous jewel thief?!

Her cousins, Pierce and Shirley, seem to be getting a bit wise to her antics.

Pierce tells Britta about wedding bells; Britta looks distressed

Pierce: Hey Britta, I heard that there might be some wedding bells in your future soon ;)
Britta: WHAT :(

Looks like the prankster has been out-pranked.

Troy makes a wish at his birthday cake

It’s somebody’s birthday! Troy rolls the Bro trait, to go with the Neat and Hot-Headed traits.

Entered the Tech Guru Career: Troy is now a Code Monkey at Rainy Day Entertainment. He starts Thursday at 10:00 AM!

He entered the Tech Guru career because he has the aspiration that lines up with that career really well.

Melvin’s ghost scares Claire (1)

Melvin’s ghost scares Claire (2)

Melvin’s ghost put in another appearance. This time he was really into pranking Claire.

Melvin’s ghost tells Claire about vampires; Claire looks horrified

Melvin: I just loooooooove vampires, don’t you?! They’re such cutie patooties!
Claire: D8

(ye I know she has a different outfit in this one, shhh)

Britta enjoys the scent of her mostly-eaten eggs and toast; Melvin reads solemnly

Ignoring each other as dawn breaks! tbh this picture is mostly here because Britta looks cute in it.

Abed has been promoted to Latte Artiste!

I hope this keeps that money-craving NERD happy.

This chain letter you sent me is clearly an elaborate pyramid scheme. Could you please not involve me in such nonsense in the future?

You do realize by sending me that chain letter you’ve probably exposed my email to countless spam email lists, right? I get buried in emails already, this was the absolute last thing I need in her life!

Britta sent some spam emails to the “king” of the Renegades club and the ghost of her paternal grandmother. The latter doesn’t seem to realise that her life has actually ended and she doesn’t need to worry about avoiding spam any more. Or, honestly, replying to emails. You could’ve let that one go, Tab.

Claire stands with three other members of the fitness club, all of whom are looking at her strangely

Claire quit the Renegades club because pranking people isn’t really her. Instead, she organised a club gathering with the fitness club! They look suspicious but THEY LIKE HER REALLY

Claire psyches up her twin Christina for a work out

Claire: You can do it, sis! HIT that treadmill!

Yeah, her twin Christina happened to also be at the gym. Otherwise this gathering was very boring because everyone just worked out, so I’m going to skip ahead to when Claire went home.

Britta tells her mother Claire a conspiracy theory about ghosts

Britta: So you know how ghosts come from another world and visit ours only briefly, right?

Britta tells her mother Claire a conspiracy theory about astronauts

Britta: D’you think that means astronauts can find their world?! Does AUNT CHRISTINA KNOW WHERE ALL THE GHOSTS LIVE???
Claire, for some reason: *plus plus*

Britta is told off by the club king

ok, so. Britta was invited to join the Renegades club! She went to a club gathering, and decided to playfully “Scare” her mate Wolfgang! He thought it was a great light-hearted prank and was all *PLUS PLUS!*


THIS MOTHERFLIPPING SHITFACE LITTLE KID chewed Britta right out!! He claimed it was against “club rules” to prank your club mates or some bullshit! Why is he the club king?! He sucks!

Oh yeah, and then my game crashed, so this didn’t “really” happen.

Hi Britta! I heard you were interested in joining Renegades! Come hang out with us and if you impress us you can ask us to apply for Renegades.

So then I reverted to my most recent save, but this time the utter bastards that are the Renegades club decided not to invite Britta. She had to apply to join manually.

Britta bores Wolfgang and the club king

Unfortunately that snot-nosed kid hasn’t forgotten the time Britta sent him a chain letter and he hates her already and LITERALLY EVERY INTERACTION SHE HAS WITH HIM RESULTS IN A *MINUS MINUS*. Wolfgang here is yawning exaggeratedly at everything she says too. Fuck you guys.

Britta tells Wolfgang about Nessie; the latter looks sad

Britta: NESSIE is more approachable than you lot and she’s NOT EVEN REAL!
Wolfgang: Some people just have no class! *sniffle*

Britta talks to Ulrike, and is accepted into the Renegades

Luckily Ulrike is a lot nicer than those dickhead males, and lets her into the club.

Britta chats to a redheaded, female member of the club

This club member whose name I forgot named Morgan was nice too. Unfortunately they both think very highly of Max Villareal (aka snot-nosed kid)’s leadership and that just will not do.

Britta pulls a disgusted face in the gym bathroom

After several hours breaking toilets that she then desperately needed to use, Britta came to realise that this whole stupid club sucks.

outside the Cooper household at night, Britta looks sad

Britta: That club was awful :(

Thus, Britta got the idea to enact some improvements on the unsuspecting Renegades.

CAS picture of a brown-haired, female toddler with pigtails

In case you were curious, this is a CAS shot of Rachel’s toddler. She was originally named Norma but her name is now Annie to fit the Community naming theme.

picture of Zoe in the Hitchcock household in Oasis Springs, which consists of her and three men

Zoe, meanwhile, packed her bags and moved to Oasis Springs, where she lives the good life with three husbands. Sweet.

Stacey’s ghost, red with rage, runs on the treadmill

Stacey’s ghost makes a return, and she is ANGRY AGAIN!!

Stacey, now orange, appears solemn in front of a broken showertub

Stacey’s ghost: I didn’t want to break the showertub… I just had no choice :(

I think you did, Stace.

Stacey whinges about trash in the bathroom she just sabotaged


hmmm, I wonder.

shot of someone’s relationship panel featuring Stacey, describing the relationship as ‘Good Friends’, ‘Grandmother’ and ‘Just Good Friends’

Why does Abed’s relationship panel need to specify that he’s just good friends with his dead grandmother’s ghost? Like, obviously??

walls-down shot of Stacey (now orange) in the living room, in front of a broken showertub

I had Claire get up and fix aaaaaall of the shit Stacey had broken, and then Stacey went and broke all of it again. Fuck you!!

Stacey, now green, browses a forum on the computer

She gets happy when she catches up with all her internet buddies though. smh, you should’ve done that BEFORE breaking all our appliances!

Britta tells Troy about marionettes over the breakfast table

Britta started to tell Troy all about the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful presence in their universe, controlling them all like a bunch of marionettes.

But nah, she was only Sharing a Conspiracy Theory.

Julian has been promoted to Snooty Pundit!

I mean, yay, but this isn’t exactly helping him reach level 8 in 6 separate skills… *hysterical sobbing*

Morgan texts Britta: Let’s ditch school and go play hooky somewhere! Nightclub: The Blue Velvet

Britta gets asked to hang out with her club friend, Morgan!

Morgan listens attentively as Britta complains about something

Morgan is cute, and tolerates Britta’s whinging.

Britta dances inside the nightclub

They danced for a while (Morgan was there too I promise) but it is blatantly TOO DARK HERE (although it’s not so obvious with the power of Screen) so I sent them out for some fresh air and superior lighting conditions.

Britta and Morgan sit on a bench outside, Morgan clutching her nether region and complaining about needing the toilet

Unfortunately Morgan was intent on crushing all my hopes and dreams.

Britta and Morgan flirt

I got them to flirt a little, but then the hangout ended and Morgan went home. So then Britta also went home, because like, why not.

However, stay tuned for next time! Will Britta and Morgan act on their attraction? Will Britta do anything about that no-good stupid Renegades club? (Hint: yes and yes.) SEE YOU THEN!


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