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Photobucket finally started letting me download albums, so I’ve started the whole long process of saving my stuff from there.

At this point, I’ve been able to re-host the two Antikva updates that were hosted on there (2.7 and 2.8 – the rest of gens 1 and 2 were on Tinypic apparently), as well as all the Senrega updates that were there (i.e. all but 2.7).

I also took the opportunity to back up the Senrega updates themselves (y’know... the words) to my own site, so you don’t have to go to LiveJournal to read them any more. If you go to my sticky post you can access them all from there. Yay! Keep in mind that all the pictures are from 2009, when I had a laptop with really bad graphics. Don’t judge.

Unfortunately there are a ton of Sprita updates hosted on Photobucket (specifically, there are 24), so it’ll take me a while longer to get all of those pictures re-hosted. I intend to do it though, probably soon, so just have a little bit of patience!

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So because Photobucket randomly decided to charge people $400 for the privilege of being able to post their own pictures off-site, and quite a few of the old Sprita updates have their images hosted on that site… I guess that means they’re gonna go offline soon? (Or the pictures are, at least.)

Not really sure how best to go about retrieving my own pictures off that site and rehosting them elsewhere. If the only way to do it is redownloading stuff one picture at a time, I don’t think it’s going to happen, lol. Unfortunately I lost my original copies in a hard drive crash, because that’d be the obvious solution. Bah, Photobucket.

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Given LiveJournal’s new terms of service, I’m planning on creating an archive of my old legacies from there (or at least the Spritas, and maybe the Senregas too).

Unfortunately, I can’t just copypasta the entries from there to here a) without accepting the new terms of service, which I don’t want to do; and b) except by posting them in one big dump, because Dreamwidth apparently doesn’t allow backdating in communities. The easiest option – and what I plan to do – is just to view the source code of the entries, copy those to .html files, and upload that to my sims domain (i.e. where I already host my pictures).

It’s an annoying amount of effort, but well, I don’t now plan to use LiveJournal ever again, and it’d be a shame to lose my silly little legacy that brought a lot of amusement to me over the years :)

I’ll create another post here with all the links to all the entries once I’ve found the time to get everything all sorted. (I’ll also probably retire my sticky post, and maybe do a new and more relevant one. Eventually…)

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I’ve run into some problems with my TS4 game that I’m struggling to resolve. It seems to have something to do with my custom content, but I can’t work out what the exact issue is. It’s not as simple as, “Without this folder in, my game works; with it, it doesn’t.” That would be easy.

Basically, I started running into an issue where my game would think it had crashed when I’d closed it. Then, after applying the Dec 2016 patch, it stopped opening. Curious. I fiddled with stuff to try to get it to open, and then I was just really persistent and tried about two dozen times, and – wow! – it opened! Then I played for four hours, saving repeatedly, before finally saving and exiting.

Then when I tried to play the next day (yesterday), it wouldn’t open again. Gah. I removed all my CC – it opened. I started adding it back piece by piece. At some point I started getting the “TS4.exe has crashed” message after exiting, but in the end, I was able to re-add literally all of my CC (except one 50MB folder I decided I could do without) and the game was still opening.

Only then I realised none of my save files appeared in game. After some trial and error, it appears that all the save files generated during Saturday’s four-hour play session were corrupt. Bleh. It’s not like the engagement of my founder or the birth of generation two was important, or anything…

So I was in the middle of testing different save files when I had to step away from the computer yesterday, and today when I returned, the game was just refusing to start again. And again, it seemed to have something to do with my CC, because removing everything and progressively re-adding stuff resulted in a working game.

To me, the problem seems to lie in either one of two things:

  • a specific creator’s CC is causing my problems somehow (because when I re-add all my CC except for their work, I have no problems at all)
  • the quantity of CC is causing problems (because “all my CC except for their work” is not a lot of CC)

If it is that creator’s work, though, it's not as easy as “one file is corrupt” (as I said). It would seem that there’s some kind of conflict between two or more files, or perhaps conflicts between some of their files and the patch I recently installed (even though it all worked fine with my previous, older, game version).

The easy answer here would be “just suck it up and play without that person’s CC, you dolt”. Unfortunately I like having CC! So idk. I guess I’ll have to experiment more and possibly lose progress on my legacy game repeatedly. Just thought I’d vent my frustrations here as I do.

Good News Update: I only lost half the progress I made on Saturday! One of the saves proved to be non-corrupt. I then removed most of that one creator’s CC (I retained one thing that I really really wanted) and have had no more “TS4.exe has crashed” messages. Fingers crossed!

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I spent a few hours playing on Saturday and it completely works, for real:

image of The Sims 4 loading screen within an elementary OS desktop

My graphics are even amazing! )
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I'm guessing not, but will post here regardless.

Anyway, I'd say it's fairly clear that my Sims 2 legacies have come to an end. Never say never – I still have their neighbourhood backed up on an external hard drive, together with all my Sims 2 CC – but seeing as I no longer have the Sims 2 installed anywhere and nor do I have a computer even compatible with running the Sims 2, I think you can see why it might be unlikely.

There is, however, a bright side!

Yesterday I was able to get The Sims 4 working through PlayOnLinux. In fact, the game itself installed with nary a drama in sight – it was Origin that caused literally 100% of the trouble. Anyway, I'm super excited to be able to start playing Sims again, in an operating system (elementary OS) that I genuinely like and don't just put up with begrudgingly (ahem, Windows).

Long story short, I'd expect to see some new posts around here at some point, maybe even a Sims 4 legacy. Of course it depends on how much time I can find to play (I'm not a student any more) but it should still be totes doable.

Stay tuned :)
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I have some good news and bad news for y'all.

The good news is that I have a working laptop again! It has a new hard disk that isn't corrupted, and... it works. Living the good life, for sure.

The bad news is that I don't have any of my files :( Dad backed it all up onto an external hard drive, but he did it in some weird way that made it very very difficult to get anything off the external hard drive again (damn you, compressed tarballs). Then, just as he'd finally come up with a plan that seemed to be working, he tripped over the hard drive's cable and it crashed to the floor and now it's broken :'( :'( :'(

We do still have the actual hard drive that got corrupted, and Dad's new plan is to swap out my new, functional hard disk for that one so he can take another backup. Then I can have my files back. Hopefully.

ANYWAY, NONE OF THAT IS VERY INTERESTING! What this means for my Sims-playing is that I don't have my neighbourhood, custom content or anything. However, I'm on holidays now (um almost) and I want to play Sims :||| So, I was thinking of stuffing around and doing a shorter challenge (one I could hopefully finish fast :P Given it's taken me like, 18 months to play the last generation of the Spritas...!). And to this end, I was thinking of reviving the Senregas.

Obvs I haven't updated those guys since 2009, and I abandoned them to such an extent that I'm pretty sure I deleted the neighbourhood they lived in, lol. But I did upload the generation three Senregas to Box.net, so I was thinking of grabbing Edwina (who was the torch-holder when I left off) and just kinda rebooting the legacy. Continuing in ISBI fashion, because ISBI-ing was pretty fun.

Then when I get my files back, I'll go back to playing the Spritas/Antikvas (especially the Spritas because OMG SO CLOSE TO GENERATION TEN AHHHH). But this way, I at least get some fun playing Sims (and you get some of my ~*~magnificent~*~ entries!) in the meantime :]

PS this plan is not at all a way for me to procrastinate on studying for my exam on Monday. Nuh-uh.

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Hey guys.

Jun. 2nd, 2012 10:13 pm
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This is just a post to let you all know that my laptop is busted :( For the last two weeks I've been using my mum's, which is pretty slow, and it doesn't have even nearly all my music on it (although I've been gradually increasing the amount it does have over the past couple of weeks!), and I today discovered that the version of Fedora it's running is four versions behind the current one, which is just a joke.

Oh yeah, this also means NO SIMS. Sadness.

I have a backup of my Sims neighbourhood (in which both the Spritas and the Antikvas live) safely on Dropbox though, so I should be able to start playing them again relatively drama-free, once we replace the hard drive and get Windows running on it again etc.. (Oh yeah, just so's we're clear, the hard drive is the specific part of my laptop that is busted. Of course.) Worst-case scenario -- if the backup we made of the entire hard drive has gone wrong -- is that I lose all my custom content and all my Sims look really funny when I first load up my game again :P

ok I lied, actually the worst-case scenario is that that back-up has gone so bad that I don't even have Windows any more, so I can never play Sims again (unless I fork out the megabucks to buy Windows again, since I was too lazy to make a system recovery CD back when I had the actual ability to. Lesson learned... make system recovery CDs when you have the ability to. Dammit.). But I'm sure that's terribly unlikely! :D

This post is getting quite rambly now, haha! Anyway, I'm just leaving it here so if you ever find yourself thinking, "Geez, I wonder whatever happened to those wacky Antikvas," (ha ha wow I do flatter myself assuming anyone will be thinking this) there is an answer available! Hopefully they'll be back soon.

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Sep. 27th, 2011 05:57 pm
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So, as I'm sure you noticed if you follow this thing at all, I haven't posted any updates in a long time! There is a good reason for this, and I'm sure you already guessed it anyway – life has just been too hectic lately (and by "lately" I mean "for the last four months or so") for me to spend time doing things like Sims. I really don't think I've opened my game since June, and while I have another update written and its pictures cropped etc., posting it still involves time and effort I haven't had or, more accurately, thought to spend that way.

Anyway... this is just a little post to let you know I haven't died :P I intend to have that post up sometime soonish (maybe, um, some time in the next week. maybe.), and in an ideal world I would even start playing again and try to gather some material for more posts! I'm currently on mid-semester break, so this is possible. I wouldn't, uh, guarantee it or anything though.

Just so's you don't worry, aside from the usual shit like assignments, the hecticness of my life has mostly been for good reasons :) That said... mostly. Life can be confusing, just in case you weren't aware of this. Nonetheless, it's not like some crisis in my life taking me away from Sims... just hecticness of the ordinary kind ;)

Hope everyone's doing well ♥

Good news!

May. 2nd, 2011 10:28 pm
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My laptop has been fixed :D So, I am theoretically able to play Sims again, yayyyy~~~

The bad news is that my studies remain super-intense for the next three or four weeks :|

Nonetheless, once I get these two assignments (due the 3rd and the 5th, dammit...) done, I might be able to get in some playtime over the weekend. I could also post my two remaining Antikvas updates too. Yep, that'd definitely be another thing I could do.

After these hideous assignments :(
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